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Queen, Trestle Pine Topper, Weekend Wrapup 8.11.17

Last weekend was the highlight of the summer and it was great!  The weather was about as perfect as you could ask for.  A brief shower over the weekend gave everyone a chance to take a break and play some indoor games but otherwise, the fish felt the pressure.

And at the end of the day…..

I got a note from Ken last evening and it sounds like the Queen show was a booming success.  Over 300 people going on the tour and a steady stream of people in the store all day.

Last week I brought in more of the #01 Swayback Jacks.  The first group sold quickly and I decided to bring more back in.

01 Swayback Jack

Another arrival was a unique Trestle Pine Topper.  There were extra frames and a handful of Wharncliffe CPM154 Blades from my previous order.  Ryan suggested putting the extra Wharncliffe’s in the Topper frame and I’m glad they did!  I like the looks of this well enough to consider having a full run made with the Wharncliffe.  Maybe a single blade?

Trestle Pine Topper

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the Wharncliffe’s I received yet.  As I said, there are only a handful of them and I know one will be going in my pocket.

For the fine folks in Germany, an order of the Topper’s are on their way to Sven Kinast at Messerdepot.  I’m anxious to here what you think of them.  I know the Superiors were very well received and hope the Topper will be as well.

As I was writing this, I got some pix from Ken this AM.  The show opens at noon today.  The tables were sold out and they ended up adding tables trying to accommodate everyone.  Outstanding!!

Just 10 minutes to opening time guys!!

Queen Cutlery Show 8.11.17



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New Knife Arrivals & What’s Coming In

In the last week there have been a number of new knife arrivals that I’m just getting around to listing today.  Here’s what we have so far….

The new GEC 66 Calf Ropers started coming in.  This is a nice sized traditional Stockman that sold well the first time around and will no doubt be popular again.  The first  to come in were the Ebony Wood and Antique Autumn Jig Bone.

66 Calf Roper Autumn Gold Jigged Bone

The Schatt & Morgan #3 EXP in Stag was the next to show up.   Without a doubt some of the nicest looking stag you’ll come across.

#3 EXP Torched Stag

There were also a handful of relatively hard to come by handle materials in the #3EXP as well.

#3 EXP Orange Winterbottom 1 of 1?

In the next couple of weeks, the following knives are scheduled to be coming in from Queen.

  • #27 Yankee Muskrat ~~ Smooth Green Bone, Amber Bone, Smooth Oil Bone
  • #13 Wildcat Driller ~~ Black Maple, Marble Wood, Golden Maple, Oiled Bone
  • #41 Folding Hunter (2 Blade) ~~ Stag, Black Micarta
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Queen appears to be embracing CPM154!

This past week I had a number of new Schatt & Morgan knives come through and Queen appears to be embracing CPM154 as a ‘regular’ blade steel.  I say hooray!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the 154 series steels and my latest experiences with the Trestle Pine Grand Portage and second release of the Superior have reinforced my feelings.  It’s a relatively easy steel to work (especially compared to D2), takes an almost surgical edge (with minimal effort) and holds that edge incredibly well.  I’m also convinced after using the Trestle Pine Superior with a 154CM and the latest in CPM154 that the CPM series is a better steel.  Better in the sense I think it holds an edge even better then the CM series and is virtually the same when it comes to sharpening.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent steels out there and 1095 is one of the great standby’s.  My personal feeling is the slightly higher price for the 154 series is really easy to justify if you use your knife on any sort of a regular basis and sharpen on an irregular basis.  With the stain resistance of the 154 combined with the toughness of the steel compared to 1095 or even 440C….not much comparison.

So what did Queen release this week I’m so fond of?  A series of 99 Schatt & Morgans with CPM154 drop point blades.  NICE knife.

Schatt & Morgan 99 Torched Stag CPM154 Drop Point Blade4

It fits the hand well with a reasonably sized blade.  Not a big workhorse, but in this day and age, not everyone needs a huge knife.  I’m particularly fond of the nail nick being so close to the tip.  There’s a barely discernible easy open notch which makes for a slim profile in your pocket and easy access when you’re ready to deploy the blade.

99 S&M Reverse Worm Groove

Other handle options include American Elk and Reverse Worm Groove Jigged Bone.  It’s just a really nice sized pocket knife that is executed excellently.  When you look at the price and compare it to the competition with 1095, this is a bargain.

A couple of other nice releases is, first, a Schatt & Morgan #100 Sunfish Whittler in Black Maple or Smooth White Bone.

S&M #100 Sunfish Whittler

Then there are the #203MU Queen City Cigar Muskrats

Queen City #203MU Cigar Muskrat

The Queen City 203TR Cigar Trapper...

Queen City #203TR Cigar Trapper

And the #204 Queen City Sow Belly.

Queen City #204 Sow Belly

There is one more release I’ve yet to get to and that is the #301 Schatt & Morgan Stockman in Reverse Worm Groove.  Had a few other things to take care of first, but I’ll get those up next week.

It’s just been a lot of fun seeing new products coming out of Queen the past few months.  The quality is greatly improved from a year ago and there willingness to work with unique handle materials and upscale steels should be greatly appreciated by anyone wanting a high end knife at a very reasonable price.

There are more new things to come from them in the future and I look forward to seeing them!


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Charred Barrel Oak Beer Scout – Express Update

The Charred Barrel Oak Beer Scouts were just listed in the store.  They look good and come with a token stamped out of the barrel band and a certificate explaining what they’re all about.

Charred Barrel Oak Beer Scout
Charred Barrel Oak Beer Scout

I only received a few of these, but there were 225 made so there are quite a few available out there.

The response to the Queen Express was about what I expected.  Enthusiastic!  Just over half the knives I ordered have a name on them already, so if you’re interested in one, let me know.  It’s an informal reservation system.  Your name goes on a list and will be filled as available.  Based on the initial response, I don’t anticipate that any of them will actually get listed in the store when they’re released.

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Gun Show & New Product Update

The gun show last weekend was a bit subdued as a result of a few more days of prime fall weather and a big football game (Vikings ~ Eagles) that was a flop on the part of both teams!!  I did sell a few knives but the highlight was presenting a young lady with her first Queen hunting knife.

Ken Daniels had given me a few knives to hand out to some kids at the shows to get them interested in knives and collecting.  When this young girl (probably 11-12 yrs old) stopped by with her dad, I asked her if she collected knives or was a hunter.  She said she did hunt but wasn’t a knife collector and then she reached in her jeans pocket and showed me her folding lock back she carried.  We chatted for a few minutes before I asked her if she’d like a hunting knife.  Her eyes lit up and she had a grin on her face a mile wide when I handed over one of the Queen hunters.  Man that’s a lot of fun, thanks Ken!

Speaking of Queen, another pile of knives were on the doorstep Monday.  I finished listing them this morning and here’s the lineup.  There are more options available in the store but this is a good overview.

S&M 43 1/2 Half Whittler Golden Spalted Maple
S&M 43 1/2 Half Whittler Golden Spalted Maple
Queen Work Horse #11 Utility
Queen Work Horse #11 Utility
Queen City 32 Half Congress Black Diamond
Queen City 32 Half Congress Black Diamond
S&M 331 Cigar Muskrat Whiskey Catalina
S&M 331 Cigar Muskrat Whiskey Catalina
S&M 43 1/2 Half Whittler Stag
S&M 43 1/2 Half Whittler Stag

Also listed in the store was the next release of the 153216CL Boy’s knives in OD Green Micarta.  These will continue to trickle in over the next few weeks and it appears I’ll have extras available for sale.

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Queen City 32 Congress

A box arrived today with some of the new Queen City 32 Congress knives.  I haven’t fallen victim to the ‘I’ve gotta try one of these out‘ for quite a while, but I have to make an exception with this one.

Queen City #32 Congress
Queen City #32 Congress

I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for the Congress pattern and the handle material is a real eye catcher on the Queen City.


It’s a robust knife with a great blade selection.  (and by the way, half stops x 4) The  Sheepsfoot and Coping blade combination is perfect.  I used to do a little carving and those two blades are a must have in my opinion for carving.  I also like the ease of sharpening those straight blade edges.  Which brings up a point.  These need sharpening.

My expectations are typically pretty low when it comes to out of the box sharpness on most new traditional folders.  The Queen City 32 Congress has 1095 steel blades which are easily sharpened but it sure would be nice to see them a bit sharper out of the box.

Engraved Liners
Engraved Liners

That being said, it’s a big, robust knife.  A nice detail are the engraved liners which offer up a bit of class on a serious working tool.  The Propeller shield is also a nice detail.


It’s big enough to be comfortable in small or large hands.  There’s plenty of handle to hang onto without feeling overly bulky.  I like the fact the handle is large enough to fill the hand making extended use a lot more comfortable.

dsc_4516 dsc_4517

The only other comment is while it feels good in the hand, it’s fairly heavy in the pocket.  Weighing around 4.8 ounces, you know if it’s in your pocket.  There’s always a trade-off.  But let’s be honest, it’s a heavy duty work knife and you can’t expect it to fall into the lightweight class as a carry knife.

If you need a heavy duty work knife and like 1095 steel, give the Queen City 32 Congress a second look.  It’s a lot of knife with a great blade combo.


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What’s been happening….

I know it’s been quiet the last week and had an email yesterday asking me what’s been happening with the usual updates.  It may have been quiet, but it’s been busy.

For the last month my computer’s been acting up and I finally decided it was time to upgrade.   I started late Thursday uploading software and spent the weekend sorting through pertinent files and trying to clean things up before transferring them.  AND of course, no matter how much attention you pay to detail, there’s always the occasional fubar, so yesterday was cleanup day.  I’m still tweaking a few programs but it’s looking like things are gonna work as intended.

In between trying to get things up and running again and a little golf, this was what the front yard looked like Saturday afternoon.


It’s Fall in Minnesota meaning that sooner or later the summer stuff has to be put away for the winter.  Not something I look forward to but that’s part of the program, like it or not.   Clean it up, cover it up and find a place to park it.

Saturday I also had a box of knives show up from Queen and today, finally got around to putting them in the store.  The first one that’s pretty neat is a old traditional pattern they’re calling the Forest Ranger.

Schatt & Morgan 69B Forest Ranger
Schatt & Morgan 69B Forest Ranger

From left to right they’re offered in Reverse Worm Groove Bone, Black Curly Maple and Burnt White Bone.  Blade steel is 420 HC and just a great looking knife.  Just 30 of each made.

The next release was a #60 Sowbelly.

Schatt & Morgan #60 Sowbelly
Schatt & Morgan #60 Sowbelly

The Sowbelly has 1095 blades and from left to right, Reverse Worm Groove, Moss Green Bone and Elk Antler handles.  I’m not a huge fan of the Sowbelly pattern as it always feels a bit awkward to me, but they’re great looking knives.

The third release is the traditional Queen 69 Barlow and the #69 1/2 two blade version.  Handle options were stag bone.  The blade steel is D2.

Queen #69 Barlow Stag Bone
Queen #69 Barlow Stag Bone
Queen 69 1/2 Barlow Stag Bone
Queen 69 1/2 Barlow Stag Bone

There’s lots more to look forward to from Queen before year end.  It’s been interesting seeing some of the short run patterns coming through and it appears we’ll most likely see more!

So that’s what’s been happening in this part of the country.  Fall is sliding in and the nights are getting cooler.   That change in the seasons means I spend more time working on boats, trailers, wiring, cleaning up fishing equipment and all sorts of tasks requiring a pocket knife.  Over the summer it’s gotten pretty predictable which EDC is in my pocket.   I love that Grand Portage!!

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New Queen Release Coming!

I received some pix of the next new Queen release.  They are releasing the 06 Tear Drop with some outstanding looking wood.

I find this exciting as I like the ‘exotic’ woods and really appreciate some of the spalted woods.   For those of you that aren’t familiar with ‘spalted’ wood, in the most simple terms it’s basically wood that has gotten soft or ‘punky’.  If it’s caught before the wood actually starts to deteriorate, it can be dyed and or stabilized highlighting some gorgeous grain.  It can be difficult to work with but the final result is usually well worth the effort.  Queen has been working with the Trestle Pine Knives using some of these different spalted woods with great results.  I can’t wait to see the Tear Drops.

I’m also excited about a special exclusive run of the 06 Tear Drops with Moose Antler handles I’ll be getting.  There will be around 20 of them available with 1095 Spear Blades.  I like the unique handle material and Moose being native to Northern Minnesota just makes it all the better!  Moose antler isn’t a particularly commonly seen handle material.

My hope is we’ll see these start to show up in another week.  There are also some 56 Swell Centers and 62 Coke Bottles with various handle materials coming through very shortly.  Queen has really taken up the slack from some of the other manufacturers with  great new releases.  It’s a bit reminiscent of the early days of GEC when we used to see new products in short runs coming from them almost weekly.

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Queen Cutlery Giveaway & GEC Releases

There are a couple more new posts coming this week to bring everyone up to date, but for now lets cover the latest releases from Queen Cutlery & GEC.

GEC finished up the 835115LB Tascosa drop points last week and the 831115LB Tascosa clip points started arriving this week.  As most of us anticipated, this has been a popular pattern.  The differences between the clip and drop points is pretty subtle, but there is a difference.

Clip Point (L) Drop Point (R)
Clip Point (L) Drop Point (R)

The Drop Point handle color is Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone and the Clip Point is Purple Sage Jigged Bone.  The two jigging patterns are distinctive, but the color is virtually identical.

Purple Sage (L), Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone (R)
Purple Sage (L), Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone (R)

Queen Cutlery released the Queen City 27 1/2 Yankee Muskrat this week and it is a gem.

Queen City 27 1/2 Yankee Muskrat
Queen City 27 1/2 Yankee Muskrat

Queen took some hits a regarding quality in the past and in some cases with good cause.  I talked to Ken about it over a year ago and he said quality was a primary issue that he was going to turn around.  We all knew it wasn’t going to happen over night and there were some hiccups on the way, but the quality & consistency is really becoming obvious.  The Yankee Muskrat is a classic example of the quality everyone associated with the Queen/Schatt & Morgan knives from days long past.  AND…. it’s $59.95

In fact, I’m so enthused about the quality and pricing I’m going to give one of the Yankee Muskrats away.  Watch for a separate blog post.

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New Arrivals from Queen Cutlery

I mentioned last week that there were some new arrivals from Queen and I finally got them listed in the store this morning.  The 69 Single blade barlows came through in both Feathered Buffalo Horn and Stag Bone.



Both are great looking practical knives, but the real winner is the Sway Belly Trapper in Burnt Bone.

Queen City #01 Sway Belly Trapper
Queen City #01 Sway Belly Trapper

Quality, fit and finish is top notch on these.  It’s a great looking pattern and feels nice in the hand.  And typical of most Queen City trademarked knives, they come with 1095 blades.  There’s one more really nice release I’ll try to get listed tomorrow in the form of the Schatt & Morgan File and Wire Tested Deluxe Pint Barlow.  I took a quick glance at them this afternoon and they look great.