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Northfield 82 Dixie Stockman Stag

The Northfield 82 Dixie Stockman Stag knives arrived and went into the store this AM. 

Great Eastern Cutlery #828318 Dixie Stockman with Sambar Stag handles.
Northfield 82 Dixie Stockman Stag

They’re nice looking but the stag is rather mundane.  Not a lot of texture or cragginess to it at all.  Stag can vary greatly and if you’re into nice popcorn stag, these don’t seem to have it.  This stag is smoother and even without the ‘texture’, it’s still a great looking knife.

I’ve heard a few complaints that the pull on the 82’s isn’t quite as stiff as some folks would like.  Personally, I think (on the knives I’ve handled) the pull is pretty consistent with what I’d expect on a stockman in this medium size range.  Without the half stop I don’t like an overly stiff pull.

While the Northfield 82 Dixie Stockman isn’t necessarily the knife I’d carry, I do like the size and weight of the knife.  Maybe it’s just that I’ve seen so many of the smaller Barlow’s coming through in the past year or two this is a nice change. 

We still have the Elderberry Jigged Bone Northfield 82 Dixie Stockman coming through.  Those will be followed by the two blade 82 Possum Skinners 

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White River Knife and Tool In Stock

White River Knife and Tool products are in stock and ready to ship! TSA Knives, LLC is happy to announce we now carrying the White River Knife line.  Yesterday I uploaded the first group of knives that came in and am waiting on more.  This is a quick look at a couple of my first choices.

White River Knife & Tool “Small Game”

  I’m really happy to get these knives in.  It’s the first opportunity I had to really look the line over and I’m impressed with what I’m seeing.  Fit and finish is top notch.  Blade steels (S30V and S35VN) are perfect for this type of knife.  Overall, a lot of thought obviously went into the White River Knife line.

White River M1 Backpacker

The White River  M1 Backpacker (above) is a particular gem for the backpacker, hiker, camper or glove box in my estimation.  This is the first knife I unpacked and have to say it’s probably one of my favorites so far.  Too often you see the smaller backpacker or neck knives that are best described as ‘handy’.  The M1 goes beyond handy and is best described as ‘totally functional’   It’s a compact package and a whole lot more knife than meets the eye.

I’ll be putting together a video or two covering some of the knives.  That will give me the opportunity to show the line off a bit better.   For now, I’ll just say it’s a great line.

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Kraft Tissue Knife Wrapping Paper

Hopefully this kraft tissue knife wrapping paper will give you an option to that original torn paper.  The wax oil resistant paper has been very popular with collectors so I added in a Kraft Tissue Paper as well.  This is the lightweight tan colored paper used by companies like Case and Queen, Schatt & Morgan and others.

Kraft Tissue Wrapping Paper

If you’ve wrapped and re-wrapped one of your knives with this paper you know it’s good for about 3 wrap/unwrap cycles and you have torn or shredded paper.  It took a little looking but I finally came up with an option to using the white Christmas tissue in the gift wrap section.

This comes in packs of 40 sheets that are approximately 7″x9″ or just slightly larger.  And no, it’s not tear proof.  It’s just like the original issue tissue but its an option if you want to re-wrap your NIB collectibles to keep them like new.

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GEC 85 Salmon Acrylics Play Nice!

The GEC 85 Salmon Acrylics came in and I’ll be listing them in the store this morning.  I hope to have them listed by around Noon CST.  There will be pictures of the actual knife you’ll receive so it takes a bit longer to get all the pix taken and posted.

GEC 85 Salmon Acrylic

Now, a polite request for everyone to play nice.  I’m in the business to sell knives and within reason, I don’t care who I sell them to.  With  the increase in collector interest in the new releases, there’s a ton of frustration out there on the part of collectors and dealers.  New releases are sold out within minutes of posting and 24 hours later the Ebay price for that knife is inflated by 25-100%.

Rather then trying to work with my own customer allocation, lottery, pre-order, whatever you want to call it, I put the knives up on a first come first served basis.  No preferential treatment for anyone.

The downside of this is that a few customers are picking up a ‘couple’ knives or even three or four.  I’m not gonna shut these people down (for now) but I am going to ask that you give consideration to the other collectors out there.  The other option is I go back to the reservation system and limit everyone to one knife.  Up to you.

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Bradford USA Knives Addition

I’ve been looking at a number of different lines to add to the store and one that caught my attention are the Bradford USA Knives.  Not to be confused with Bradford Cutlery commonly associated with Case, The Bradford USA or Bradford Knives line I’m referring to comes out of Kent, Washington.  Brad Larkin started the company back in 2012 and has built a great line of fixed blades knives.  While the line crosses into kitchen cutlery, what really drew me to them are the hunting and bushcraft knives.

Bradford USA Guardian 3 Nimbus

Bradford Knives has offered their outdoor lines in several popular steels.  These include the Bohler N690, M390 and 3V series steels to name a few.  The other feature that I find appealing are the Nimbus  and DLC coated blades that are very scratch and wear resistant.  So many of the coated blades I’ve come across seem to be nothing more then a coating of black enamel that holds up until you use the knife.  The stonewash finish also lends a somewhat rustic look.

Their Guardian Series covers a great range from around 3-6″ its that mid range around 4″ I found most appealing.  Not too big, not too small, just about right.

Bradford Guardian 4

With my slightly oversized hand that 4″ grip length fits just fine with the ability to get my index finger forward for control.  In addition, the textured G10 handle is gonna be easy to hang onto whether your wrist deep cleaning a deer, cleaning fish or preparing a camp meal in the rain.  The jimping topside is also a plus as is the lanyard hole.  .

Bradford Guardian 4.5

The Guardian 4.5 (above)  is a bit bigger with a 5″ handle that’s perfect for someone with a big hand.  The G-10 handle is ‘grippy’ and would be perfect for heavy duty use.

While I’ve not had a lot of experience (yet) with the Bohler N690, I now it’s an excellent blade steel.   It has high stain resistance and great properties for edge retention and wear.  Its a fine grained steel that takes an excellent edge and the Bradford USA knives came absolutely shaving sharp.   A minor detail that I really appreciated was a note on the care instructions that comes with the knives.  You get the usual caveats and care tips but this is one of the few knives I’ve seen with recommendations on the angle to try to maintain when sharpening, 18-20 degrees.

I know we’ve all got our preferences for blade angles but at the 18-20 degree mark, this knife is as sharp as you could possibly ask for.  Prior to using the Edge Pro for sharpening I thought I was pretty good at maintaining a consistent angle.   But the question was consistent at what angle?  Probably consistent between 18 and 30 degrees would be my bet.  It’s nice to be able to choose an angle and be able to replicate it.

The handle panels are removable and Bradford carries a number of different options that you can choose from.  I tend to stay with the handle I first chose but if you’re so inclined to switch things up, it’s pretty easy.

There’s one more manufacturer I’m planning on adding in the next few weeks.  It’s another premium fixed blade line that should fit perfectly with the Trestle Pine, Hess, Bradford USA, Bark Rivers and Blackjacks.  I’ve focused so long on folders that it’s really been fun expanding my boundaries a bit.  Particularly with the outstanding choice of blade steels available.



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New Collections And Gun Show Wrap Up

This morning I listed a few of the knives from the new collections recently acquired.  It’s a bit of an eclectic group of knives with a mixture of GEC’s (new and old stock) and a few rather nice non-GEC knives.

One of the nicest pieces is a 1980’s vintage Al Mar “Fang”.  I’ve handled Al Mar knives in the past and was always impressed with the quality.  The Fang is a real gem and rather difficult to find.

Al Mar Fang
Al Mar 5001 Fang Boot Knife

Another knife I really like is this vintage Ka-Bar 1224 Bird and Trout.

Vintage Ka-Bar Bird & Trout
Vintage Ka-Bar 1224 Bird and Trout

I used one of the Hess Bird & Trout knives a couple of weeks ago on a trip up north and while they’re not practical for 98% of my needs, I really like the feel of them for ‘detail’ work.  This is rather strange as I’m not a big fan of the smaller traditional folders.  The short handle of the traditional folder gets lost in my hand while the Bird & Trout knives offer a bit more handle for me to hang onto.  This weekend I’m heading to North Dakota for some pheasant hunting and I’m hoping to get to use that Hess on some birds.

There are more knives in these new collections to be listed but it’s going to be a while before I can get to them.  We have a funeral out of town this week and then it’s a road trip for the weekend.  I’ll trickle them onto the website as I can.


Sorry, I hit the “Publish” button before I was done.  Regarding the gun show this past weekend……  It was a slow show that wasn’t heavily attended.  While a few local customers did make it in there were a lot of familiar faces that didn’t.

I’m not quite sure what caused the low attendance as this is typically a really good show for most exhibitors.  The weather wasn’t conducive to working in the yard or field so I’m not sure where folks were holed up.  And the people that did come in were reluctant to open up their wallets.  That was pretty much the consensus with all of the exhibitors.

The upside to a slow show is you get the opportunity to spend some time visiting with people about everything from knives, guns and politics.  One of the people I visited with was an 11 year girl and her father who are expat’s living in Denmark.  She had been looking at the knife displays and when I approached her and said “hi” she commenced to explaining to me how many of the knives in my cases would be illegal in Denmark and much of Europe.  It was pretty interesting to visit with her and both she and her dad were pretty well versed on the law.  She left with a smile and a ‘legal’ Swiss Army Knife to take home with her.  I love talking with these kids and encouraging their interest in knives.

As I said, we have a funeral to attend yet this week and then we head west, so I’m not sure I’ll get the usual Friday blog post up.  Anything interesting comes up I’ll squeeze it in.  Otherwise, I’ll try to get a few pictures of the hunt to share with you next week.


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GEC 15 Caveat, 14 SFO’s ~ Weekly Update

I’m sharing the Weekly Update a bit early this week.  Time to head out to North Dakota, visit friends, shoot a few Prairie Dogs, enjoy a great meal and reeeelax.  Can’t wait!

The GEC 15 run of regular knives is finished and the Bail & Chain series is coming up.  Chris sent out a caveat to dealers asking that we pass on the following information.  If you try to remove the Bail the odds are incredibly high that you will put a significant scratch in the bolster.  Should you modify the knife by removing the bail, you just voided the warranty.  GEC is NOT going to fix it.  I think we all know that when you modify a product it typically voids the warranty, so be advised.

The Fenix UC35 V2.0 lights sold out FAST!  As I said in the post last week, these are an incredible light at a bargain price.  Apparently quite a few folks are familiar with the Fenix line and the response took me by surprise.  I have more coming in an should have them back in the store next week.  For now, you can place a back-order and I’ll get them out to you as soon as they come in.

There still isn’t any clear info regarding the upcoming 14’s.  The last I heard there are going to be around 3000 SFO’s and no word of any regular production knives.  I’m getting totally confused about the SFO’s as it seems the terms have changed.  My understanding is that you need to order 100 knives, all the same handle  to get in on an SFO.  THEN, you are limited to just one handle.  In other words, you can order 100 blue but not 100 blue, 100 red and 100 green.  So, at best, you can only get 100 knives of a single handle and if you didn’t get in on the SFO you are SOL.  So does this mean there were 30 dealers (clubs, individuals) that ordered 100 knives each?  Don’t think so but I’ll be glad to be corrected.

I’ve had a couple of individuals wondering if there are any restrictions on who can get in on the SFO’s and to the best of my knowledge, if you can get your money on the bar, you’ll get served.  Interesting business model.

The question keeps coming up as to when the liquidation auction of the assets of Queen/Schatt & Morgan will occur.  I don’t know.  As I recall all claims against the company had to be filed by June so I would assume once everything is inventoried and the proper paperwork executed,  it’s just a matter of getting an auction date set.  There are enough serious collectors out there that would love to get there hands on a few unique artifacts that I think it should be an interesting auction.

More interesting will be finding out who ends up with the Queen, Schatt & Morgan, Queen City and other trademarks.  From day one my hope has been to see GEC purchase the names and get them back into production.  Can you imagine the Schatt & Morgan lines coming out built to GEC quality standards?

I’m not sure that will happen however.  It appears GEC is maxed out on production right now.  The addition of Schatt & Morgan would most likely more then double the demand.  My greatest concern would be seeing these names moved to an overseas production line.

I’ve been getting positive feedback regarding the crime report updates.  It’s  been suggested I make it a regular part of the regular blog posts.  Even though it seems a bit twisted that readers enjoy following the criminal activities up here I’ll keep sharing at the risk of further revealing our crime problems.  Our local guys and gals in Blue do a great job keeping things under control.

Remember a couple of  weeks ago when the fellow suspected his girlfriend lifted $40 from his wallet?

Well, let’s not forget the old biblical saying that we shall reap what we sow!

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Fenix UC35 V2.0

Fenix Flashlights released a new light this month that is well worth mentioning particularly if you’re an outdoorsman.  The Fenix UC35 V2.0 has a number of features that set it far above the competition.   It’s pocket sized, rechargeable, waterproof, powerful, compact and reasonably priced.

I sometimes neglect highlighting the Fenix lights on the website as most of my sales are at gun / knife shows.  It’s one of those products that creates a ‘wow’ factor when you have it in hand.  I’ve used several of the Fenix lights over the years and have found little fault with them.  The TK series has been a favorite for the tactical rifles or a compact pocket light.  Even though it’s difficult to really appreciate the lights without actually seeing them, let me share some highlights.

The Fenix UC35 V2.0 is an up grade to the standard UC35.  The first change is increased intensity of 1000 lumens which is one bright light considering the overall size of this light.

Fenix UC35 V2.0

A clever upgrade is in the center of the small gold button there is an indicator that lets you know the charge status of the battery when you click it on.  This is a handy feature that helps assure you have a functioning flashlight when you need it.

The light comes with a rechargeable 3500mAh 18650  battery.  While rechargeable batteries are great it’s a pain when you leave the charger at home.  And that’s when the battery is going to need a recharge.

The UC35 V2.0 solved the problem by including a built in charger that operates using a standard USB cord plugged into your car or 120V outlet. The USB port is inconspicuously concealed under a small rubber cover near the flashlight head.  When the port is covered, the rubber cover sits flush with the body of the light, well out of the way.

Fenix UC35 V2.0 USB Plug

Here’s a quick synopsis of the other high-points.

I’ve been using one for a little over a week and have to say, it’s a pretty incredible light packed in an incredibly compact package.  With the high intensity strobe feature, it also serves the purpose of an effective defensive device if you find yourself unarmed in a bad situation.   At the price, it’s definitely one of the best values in the Fenix line for a high intensity rechargeable light.

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GEC Collector 30 Pin Sets Available

The GEC Collector Pin Sets arrived yesterday.  These were donated by Great Eastern to help raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.  The 15 sets include the 30 pins that have been made (to date) to accompany some of the Great Eastern Knife releases.  It does not include the SFO, Rendezvous or Club pins.

GEC Limited Edition 30 Pin Set

The proceeds from the sale of the pin sets will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  A total of just 15 sets were made so don’t wait.