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Great Eastern #43 Oregon Trapper Arrived Today

I just listed the first of the #43 Oregon Trappers this afternoon and thought I’d share a quick first impression.  In brief, I like it!

Tidiuote #431118 Oregon Trapper Frontier Bone Proto

The #73 was one of the very first knives GEC introduced back in 2006 and the #43 Oregon Trapper is a grown up version of it.

#73 (Left) and #43 (Right)

It feels great in my hand giving me just a bit more handle to hang onto without the bulk of the big brother #23.  Holding both the #73 and #43 in your hand really makes you realize these two knives are very similar.

#43 L and #73 R

I’ve been a fan of the 73’s since the beginning but the #43 would be an easy replacement.  The weight of the Frontier Bone is approximately 3.7 ounces making it a very comfortable EDC pocket knife.  Running just a 1/4″ longer then the #73 doesn’t sound like much but the slight increase in size feels good in hand.

The #43 Oregon Trapper caught my interest when GEC first announced it’s upcoming release and I’m not disappointed.  I predicted this was going to be a winner and am even more confident now that I’ve handled one.


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Worm Groove Tear Drop and 72 Rosewood

As promised, the Schatt & Morgan Worm Groove Tear Drops arrived this AM.

S&M Tear Drop Worm Groove
S&M Tear Drop Worm Groove

These are an exclusive run of 25 with Worm Groove handles.  Just an incredibly well done, great looking knife.

The GEC 72 Mini Lockback with East Indian Rosewood also came in.

72 Mini Lockback East Indian Rosewood
72 Mini Lockback East Indian Rosewood

I had seen the picture on the GEC Facebook page of the Rosewood and was surprised the knives I got didn’t have the reddish hue of the knife pictured on their site.  I have a feeling it was lighting, but the knives I’ve seen run more to a brown color somewhat similar to Ebony Wood.  The picture above is representative of the color on the knives I received.

On a side note, just a heads up that I’ll be heading out on a ‘field trip’ this weekend.  I’ll post shipping schedules, etc, later this week, but be advised I will be out of the office for a couple days.  Some day I really plan on getting away for more then a couple of days, but for now, I’ll make the  best of what I’ve got!  There are so many knives, tools and doodads I’d like to try out that a couple days just doesn’t cut it.

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Grizzly Cut Bone 72 GEC’s Arrived

The Grizzly Cut Bone 72 GEC’s arrived this morning.  Nice looking knives.

GEC 721116LB Grizzly Cut Bone Lock Back
GEC 721116LB Grizzly Cut Bone Lock Back

I believe the Rosewood are in transit and should arrive Monday.  In the storefront I’ve just listed one of the knives with a stock photo as the knives are virtually identical in appearance.  As of this posting there should be a good supply available so if you wish to purchase more then one, there should be plenty available.

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14 Boy’s Knives are Dribbling In

I got my first shipment of the 14 Boy’s Knives today.  I have no idea how they are running them, but I don’t think I got a full shipment on any of them.  My understanding is the rest are either in process or in transit.

This afternoon I started shipping/billing for part of them and finally gave up due to the fact some folks have multiple knives ordered in different handle materials,  Rather then try to bill for one knife and have more show up in a day or two, I decided to wait until my orders are closer to being filled.

I will say it’s a cute little knife and will no doubt appeal to anyone preferring a small pocket knife.

All I can say is your patience is appreciated and I’ll move forward as soon as I can.  Chris is off for a while due to a death in the family so I understand things aren’t going as smooth as normal.

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First GEC Navy Knife arrives

Just a couple of quick notes on the new GEC Navy Knife.  I received the Natural Canvas Micarta this AM and just finished listing them in the store.

Brushed Bolster GEC Navy Knife Natural Canvas
Brushed Bolster GEC Navy Knife Natural Canvas

The first thing I noticed was the bolster and shield have a brushed finish rather then the traditional polished finish.


It doesn’t show up that well in the photo, but when you have it in hand, it’s very obvious.  With the canvas micarta it’s actually kind of attractive.  This doesn’t seem to be the type of knife that needs highly polished surfaces.  And let’s be honest, it doesn’t take too many months in a pocket full of change and keys to lose a polished finish anyway!

The position of the bail pivot pin requires the blade to sit abnormally high in the frame making the blade appear a lot wider/deeper then it is.  I almost anticipated seeing a pruning style blade when I opened it.  While that high riding blade with the bail makes for a pretty blunt, tall profile, it makes for easy access with cold wet fingers or a gloved hand.


I’m not a huge fan of a bail on any knife.  Always seems like I end up with one of my keys stuck through the bail ending up with half of my pocket contents coming out with my knife.  I realize it’s issue of ‘authenticity’ and a minor criticism.

The spring is a bit stiff for a knife this size.  It’s not bad until you hit the half stop, but from the  mid point to full deployment, its plenty stiff.  Again, not a big deal and with the ability to get a firm purchase on the top of the blade it shouldn’t be an issue.

For all the clamoring I’ve heard in the past year for more 440C from GEC, I was a bit surprised the pre-booking orders weren’t stronger then they were.  The Boy’s Knife and Beer Scouts have booked (for me, anyway) at about a 5-1 ratio over the Navy Knife.  I’m not sure if it’s the pattern or just a change of interest in the 440C.

The Jigged Bone and Chestnut are still to come.  Not sure where GEC is at with production, but I’d anticipate they should follow relatively soon.

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More Beagles & Cattle Knives

Another bunch of the Beagles and Cattle Knives landed on the doorstep today.  The Beagles are the Tidioute  Red Linen Micarta and Cola Jigged Bone.  Not being a small knife guy, I have to admit they do grow on you!  And a quick reminder, I have more of the Red/White Acrylics coming in later this week.

#18 Beagle Red Linen Micarta
#18 Beagle Red Linen Micarta

I also received some more of the 98 Texas Cattle knives in Kingwood.  Just like the Beagles, the 98 series appeals to a certain group of buyers and the folks buying them really like ’em.

98 Texas Cattle Knife Kingwood
98 Texas Cattle Knife Kingwood

I also had an update on the anticipated ship date for the Trestle Pine Knives ‘Grand Portage’.  Right now it looks like early June which is perfect timing.  It will give us something new to slide into summer with.

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More 98 Texas Knives in Stock!

I just added roughly 30 more of the Texas Cattle and Texas Whittlers to the store.  My understanding was these wouldn’t be here until next week but here they are!!!  Next week I’ll have a few more coming in as noted on the Weekly Update.

No Camp Knives unfortunately, but I’m glad to get these!!!

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Gunshow This Weekend!

Don’t want to forget to invite anyone within driving distance to come up to the Gunshow in Detroit Lakes, MN this weekend April 23 &  24 at the National Guard Armory.  I’ll have four tables and will be bringing in a lot of knives and miscellaneous ‘must have’ items.  For obvious reasons, I can’t bring everything but if you plan on coming and have any specific knives you’d like to check out in person, by all means drop me an email.

I’ll be bringing in some of the knives I’ve accumulated through trades, auctions and collections.  There’s a good number of used knives and a few relatively collectible pieces.  Should be able to find something you can’t live without!

I think all of the 98 Texas Whittler & Cattle Knives are finished up.  The Kingwood was absolutely stunning!

98 Cattle Knife
98 Cattle Knife Kingwood Handle

Really sorry I couldn’t even come close to accommodating all the requests especially for the Camp Knives.  Most of them ended up going to a very small group of dealers and I hope you were able to find one.  I see a couple of the Camp Knives have already shown up on Ebay in the $200+ price range.  Amazing!!