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First GEC Navy Knife arrives

Just a couple of quick notes on the new GEC Navy Knife.  I received the Natural Canvas Micarta this AM and just finished listing them in the store.

Brushed Bolster GEC Navy Knife Natural Canvas
Brushed Bolster GEC Navy Knife Natural Canvas

The first thing I noticed was the bolster and shield have a brushed finish rather then the traditional polished finish.


It doesn’t show up that well in the photo, but when you have it in hand, it’s very obvious.  With the canvas micarta it’s actually kind of attractive.  This doesn’t seem to be the type of knife that needs highly polished surfaces.  And let’s be honest, it doesn’t take too many months in a pocket full of change and keys to lose a polished finish anyway!

The position of the bail pivot pin requires the blade to sit abnormally high in the frame making the blade appear a lot wider/deeper then it is.  I almost anticipated seeing a pruning style blade when I opened it.  While that high riding blade with the bail makes for a pretty blunt, tall profile, it makes for easy access with cold wet fingers or a gloved hand.


I’m not a huge fan of a bail on any knife.  Always seems like I end up with one of my keys stuck through the bail ending up with half of my pocket contents coming out with my knife.  I realize it’s issue of ‘authenticity’ and a minor criticism.

The spring is a bit stiff for a knife this size.  It’s not bad until you hit the half stop, but from the  mid point to full deployment, its plenty stiff.  Again, not a big deal and with the ability to get a firm purchase on the top of the blade it shouldn’t be an issue.

For all the clamoring I’ve heard in the past year for more 440C from GEC, I was a bit surprised the pre-booking orders weren’t stronger then they were.  The Boy’s Knife and Beer Scouts have booked (for me, anyway) at about a 5-1 ratio over the Navy Knife.  I’m not sure if it’s the pattern or just a change of interest in the 440C.

The Jigged Bone and Chestnut are still to come.  Not sure where GEC is at with production, but I’d anticipate they should follow relatively soon.

More Beagles & Cattle Knives

Another bunch of the Beagles and Cattle Knives landed on the doorstep today.  The Beagles are the Tidioute  Red Linen Micarta and Cola Jigged Bone.  Not being a small knife guy, I have to admit they do grow on you!  And a quick reminder, I have more of the Red/White Acrylics coming in later this week.

#18 Beagle Red Linen Micarta
#18 Beagle Red Linen Micarta

I also received some more of the 98 Texas Cattle knives in Kingwood.  Just like the Beagles, the 98 series appeals to a certain group of buyers and the folks buying them really like ’em.

98 Texas Cattle Knife Kingwood
98 Texas Cattle Knife Kingwood

I also had an update on the anticipated ship date for the Trestle Pine Knives ‘Grand Portage’.  Right now it looks like early June which is perfect timing.  It will give us something new to slide into summer with.

Gunshow This Weekend!

Don’t want to forget to invite anyone within driving distance to come up to the Gunshow in Detroit Lakes, MN this weekend April 23 &  24 at the National Guard Armory.  I’ll have four tables and will be bringing in a lot of knives and miscellaneous ‘must have’ items.  For obvious reasons, I can’t bring everything but if you plan on coming and have any specific knives you’d like to check out in person, by all means drop me an email.

I’ll be bringing in some of the knives I’ve accumulated through trades, auctions and collections.  There’s a good number of used knives and a few relatively collectible pieces.  Should be able to find something you can’t live without!

I think all of the 98 Texas Whittler & Cattle Knives are finished up.  The Kingwood was absolutely stunning!

98 Cattle Knife
98 Cattle Knife Kingwood Handle

Really sorry I couldn’t even come close to accommodating all the requests especially for the Camp Knives.  Most of them ended up going to a very small group of dealers and I hope you were able to find one.  I see a couple of the Camp Knives have already shown up on Ebay in the $200+ price range.  Amazing!!


Weekly Update 4.9.16 ~ Camp Knives Review

The weekly update is a little late once again but a few more GEC Camp Knives arrived and I thought I’d bring you up to date with a quick review.  I really like this knife and while I don’t see myself carrying or using one, it’s definitely built to be a workhorse.

98 Camp Knife
98 Camp Knife Kingwood Handle

The Kingwood handle material is really stunning.  Some of the nicest grained Kingwood you could ask for.  I’ve gotten really fond of wood handles and this is a gem.

It fills the average sized hand and should feel comfortable for anyone with the largest hands.  I wouldn’t be afraid to take on cleaning most big game as the blade is stout and the handle provides a more then adequate area to grip.


I’m unable to explain the coloration on the concave surface of the Awl.  It almost appears to have been cold blued and the coloration is more uniform on some then others.  I sent an email to GEC this afternoon and hope to get an answer next week.  I’m assuming it’s intentional albeit a bit distracting.  The steel isn’t ‘burned’ as the opposite side has been nicely polished.

98 Camp Knife Awl Coloration
98 Camp Knife Awl Coloration

I really like this knife and I sincerely wish the run would have been bigger so I hope no one gets a knot in their shorts when I point out a couple other observations.  NONE of these are issues that bother me in the least, but based on experience, I’m sure a few cutlery connoisseurs may take issue.  If minor details bother you…caveat emptor.  These aren’t design flaws, signs of poor workmanship or anything other then just being the nature of the beast.

IF you have a problem with the back of the blade not being flush with the springs be advised.  The blade tends to sit about .050″ below the spring and that’s pretty consistent with the secondary blades as well.  This isn’t anything I find to be of a concern but recently had a GEC returned for a step small enough it couldn’t even be accurately measured.

Blade sets below the spring
Blade sets below the spring

Second thing is the point of the blade can definitely be felt rubbing a finger tip over the end of the knife.  This isn’t a design flaw either in my estimation but rather unavoidable with so much steel between the liners.


The blade sets low between the liners but it doesn’t take much downward pressure to make contact.DSC_2152

Another minor issue is the bails are attached tight enough to rub the bolsters and mark them.  They’re coming out of the tube like this so don’t be surprised.  If it bothers anyone, it’s incredibly easy to buff out the marks with a little green polishing compound on a cotton rag but they’re gonna come back.

Bail rubs bolster
Bail rubs bolster

I’ve found a few of the knives don’t have real sharp edges but it’s pretty unusual for me to find a factory traditional folder with what I consider a field ready edge.  And the edge on the awl could be cleaned up a bit for a nice smooth cut.  It definitely cuts leather but leaves things a bit shaggy.  I don’t think it really matters as I don’t see too many folks using it as it was intended anyway.

The Camp Knives rank up there close to the Lumberjack and a few other ‘oddities’ we used to see on a semi regular basis.  And I like it.  I only point out the above ‘issues’ as I don’t want anyone tripping over themselves to buy one without knowing this isn’t your average ‘pocket knife’.  This is a large working tool made for anyone that wants a heavy duty knife meant for heavy duty use.


14 Lick Creek Pre-Order pages setup

I just finished putting up pages to pre-order the 14 Lick Creek GEC knives.  This round we know up front what the handle option colors are going to be which helps everyone out.

14 Lick Creek Boys Knife
14 Lick Creek Boys Knife

I don’t know what the anticipated ship date is but based on the 98 Camp Knives and all of the 15 Boys Knives coming through, I’d expect we’re probably out a couple of months.  My bet would be sometime in June.

GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives

Received the details (as they are) on the GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives this AM.  Most of the handle material colors are yet to be selected.  The info I have was that they’re anticipating a June ship date.  That’s not chiseled in stone but it gives us an idea.

The Boys Knives and Beer Scouts will be a rerun of the previous knives.  The big news is probably that the Navy Knife will be offered in 440C.  This is one of the first 440C’s to come out of GEC in some time.  I know the demand is there!

I’ve set up a Pre-Order page again as it seems to work really well for everyone.  $10 deposit holds your knife and you’ve got 72 hours after you’re notified they’re in stock to consummate the transaction.  Otherwise, you lose your $10 and I get a couple decent cigars!

Be sure to pay attention and be aware that the pictures on the Pre-Order page are NOT actual pictures of the knives.  I plugged them in as fillers and that is all!  So don’t email me and tell that I’m showing a picture of an acrylic but the description says Jigged Bone.

Surprise Release from GEC and 47 Vipers

Just spent a few minutes on the phone with GEC this AM and got a little info on a new surprise release they’re bringing out.  Plans are to have them ship between the Vipers and the upcoming canine series.

The #98 is going to be a BIG knife at 4+” in length.  A couple of different configurations will be offered in a variety of handles.


I believe there’s a third style we may see as well in the form of a camp knife.

From the few details I gathered, these will be available in relatively limited numbers.  One of the first questions I asked was would they come with a sheath or would a sheath be available to purchase separately.  At this point, it’s my understanding there is not, but hopefully will be considered.  I’m not sure if GEC is assuming these will be purchased primarily as a collectible but if they’re thinking of it as an EDC knife, I hope someone drops one in their pocket and carries it around for a few days before they start shipping!

The first of the Vipers came in this week and the pre-orders have shipped.  The Viper has always been a popular pattern and these are moving out quickly.  I had ordered more then double the usual quantities and am quickly finding out I didn’t order enough!  Green Bottle Glass Jigged Bone was the first one out of the chute and it’s a great color.

47 Viper Bottle Green
47 Viper Bottle Green

We should see a steady stream of the Vipers continue to come through for the next week or so.  I’ve left the pre-order pages up as there are still some knives available for early ordering.  In addition, I’ve limited the quantity of pre-order knives to cover any shortage in shipments and allow for a few knives to list in the store.