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Gunshow This Weekend!

Don’t want to forget to invite anyone within driving distance to come up to the Gunshow in Detroit Lakes, MN this weekend April 23 &  24 at the National Guard Armory.  I’ll have four tables and will be bringing in a lot of knives and miscellaneous ‘must have’ items.  For obvious reasons, I can’t bring everything but if you plan on coming and have any specific knives you’d like to check out in person, by all means drop me an email.

I’ll be bringing in some of the knives I’ve accumulated through trades, auctions and collections.  There’s a good number of used knives and a few relatively collectible pieces.  Should be able to find something you can’t live without!

I think all of the 98 Texas Whittler & Cattle Knives are finished up.  The Kingwood was absolutely stunning!

98 Cattle Knife
98 Cattle Knife Kingwood Handle

Really sorry I couldn’t even come close to accommodating all the requests especially for the Camp Knives.  Most of them ended up going to a very small group of dealers and I hope you were able to find one.  I see a couple of the Camp Knives have already shown up on Ebay in the $200+ price range.  Amazing!!


Weekly Update 4.9.16 ~ Camp Knives Review

The weekly update is a little late once again but a few more GEC Camp Knives arrived and I thought I’d bring you up to date with a quick review.  I really like this knife and while I don’t see myself carrying or using one, it’s definitely built to be a workhorse.

98 Camp Knife
98 Camp Knife Kingwood Handle

The Kingwood handle material is really stunning.  Some of the nicest grained Kingwood you could ask for.  I’ve gotten really fond of wood handles and this is a gem.

It fills the average sized hand and should feel comfortable for anyone with the largest hands.  I wouldn’t be afraid to take on cleaning most big game as the blade is stout and the handle provides a more then adequate area to grip.


I’m unable to explain the coloration on the concave surface of the Awl.  It almost appears to have been cold blued and the coloration is more uniform on some then others.  I sent an email to GEC this afternoon and hope to get an answer next week.  I’m assuming it’s intentional albeit a bit distracting.  The steel isn’t ‘burned’ as the opposite side has been nicely polished.

98 Camp Knife Awl Coloration
98 Camp Knife Awl Coloration

I really like this knife and I sincerely wish the run would have been bigger so I hope no one gets a knot in their shorts when I point out a couple other observations.  NONE of these are issues that bother me in the least, but based on experience, I’m sure a few cutlery connoisseurs may take issue.  If minor details bother you…caveat emptor.  These aren’t design flaws, signs of poor workmanship or anything other then just being the nature of the beast.

IF you have a problem with the back of the blade not being flush with the springs be advised.  The blade tends to sit about .050″ below the spring and that’s pretty consistent with the secondary blades as well.  This isn’t anything I find to be of a concern but recently had a GEC returned for a step small enough it couldn’t even be accurately measured.

Blade sets below the spring
Blade sets below the spring

Second thing is the point of the blade can definitely be felt rubbing a finger tip over the end of the knife.  This isn’t a design flaw either in my estimation but rather unavoidable with so much steel between the liners.


The blade sets low between the liners but it doesn’t take much downward pressure to make contact.DSC_2152

Another minor issue is the bails are attached tight enough to rub the bolsters and mark them.  They’re coming out of the tube like this so don’t be surprised.  If it bothers anyone, it’s incredibly easy to buff out the marks with a little green polishing compound on a cotton rag but they’re gonna come back.

Bail rubs bolster
Bail rubs bolster

I’ve found a few of the knives don’t have real sharp edges but it’s pretty unusual for me to find a factory traditional folder with what I consider a field ready edge.  And the edge on the awl could be cleaned up a bit for a nice smooth cut.  It definitely cuts leather but leaves things a bit shaggy.  I don’t think it really matters as I don’t see too many folks using it as it was intended anyway.

The Camp Knives rank up there close to the Lumberjack and a few other ‘oddities’ we used to see on a semi regular basis.  And I like it.  I only point out the above ‘issues’ as I don’t want anyone tripping over themselves to buy one without knowing this isn’t your average ‘pocket knife’.  This is a large working tool made for anyone that wants a heavy duty knife meant for heavy duty use.


14 Lick Creek Pre-Order pages setup

I just finished putting up pages to pre-order the 14 Lick Creek GEC knives.  This round we know up front what the handle option colors are going to be which helps everyone out.

14 Lick Creek Boys Knife
14 Lick Creek Boys Knife

I don’t know what the anticipated ship date is but based on the 98 Camp Knives and all of the 15 Boys Knives coming through, I’d expect we’re probably out a couple of months.  My bet would be sometime in June.

GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives

Received the details (as they are) on the GEC Beer Scouts, Boys Knives & Navy Knives this AM.  Most of the handle material colors are yet to be selected.  The info I have was that they’re anticipating a June ship date.  That’s not chiseled in stone but it gives us an idea.

The Boys Knives and Beer Scouts will be a rerun of the previous knives.  The big news is probably that the Navy Knife will be offered in 440C.  This is one of the first 440C’s to come out of GEC in some time.  I know the demand is there!

I’ve set up a Pre-Order page again as it seems to work really well for everyone.  $10 deposit holds your knife and you’ve got 72 hours after you’re notified they’re in stock to consummate the transaction.  Otherwise, you lose your $10 and I get a couple decent cigars!

Be sure to pay attention and be aware that the pictures on the Pre-Order page are NOT actual pictures of the knives.  I plugged them in as fillers and that is all!  So don’t email me and tell that I’m showing a picture of an acrylic but the description says Jigged Bone.

Surprise Release from GEC and 47 Vipers

Just spent a few minutes on the phone with GEC this AM and got a little info on a new surprise release they’re bringing out.  Plans are to have them ship between the Vipers and the upcoming canine series.

The #98 is going to be a BIG knife at 4+” in length.  A couple of different configurations will be offered in a variety of handles.


I believe there’s a third style we may see as well in the form of a camp knife.

From the few details I gathered, these will be available in relatively limited numbers.  One of the first questions I asked was would they come with a sheath or would a sheath be available to purchase separately.  At this point, it’s my understanding there is not, but hopefully will be considered.  I’m not sure if GEC is assuming these will be purchased primarily as a collectible but if they’re thinking of it as an EDC knife, I hope someone drops one in their pocket and carries it around for a few days before they start shipping!

The first of the Vipers came in this week and the pre-orders have shipped.  The Viper has always been a popular pattern and these are moving out quickly.  I had ordered more then double the usual quantities and am quickly finding out I didn’t order enough!  Green Bottle Glass Jigged Bone was the first one out of the chute and it’s a great color.

47 Viper Bottle Green
47 Viper Bottle Green

We should see a steady stream of the Vipers continue to come through for the next week or so.  I’ve left the pre-order pages up as there are still some knives available for early ordering.  In addition, I’ve limited the quantity of pre-order knives to cover any shortage in shipments and allow for a few knives to list in the store.

GEC #15 Navy Knife is in stock

Just finished listing the release of the GEC #15 Navy Knife in the store.

GEC#15 Navy Knife
GEC#15 Navy Knife

Built on the #15 Boy’s Knife frame, it appears to be a shrunken down version of the original Camillus EZ Open ‘Sailors’ Rope knife.  The GEC #15 Navy Knife is more pocket friendly then the original and if you like softer springs, you’re really gonna like this one.  With the easy open notch the spring on the Navy Knife would make a great knife for a younger first time knife user.

I’m not 100% certain what the quantities run were on the handle options, but I had originally been told there would be 50 each in Ebony Wood, Cocobolo, Cola Jigged Bone and Red Linen Micarta (pictured).

Queen Cutlery Giveaway & GEC Releases

There are a couple more new posts coming this week to bring everyone up to date, but for now lets cover the latest releases from Queen Cutlery & GEC.

GEC finished up the 835115LB Tascosa drop points last week and the 831115LB Tascosa clip points started arriving this week.  As most of us anticipated, this has been a popular pattern.  The differences between the clip and drop points is pretty subtle, but there is a difference.

Clip Point (L) Drop Point (R)
Clip Point (L) Drop Point (R)

The Drop Point handle color is Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone and the Clip Point is Purple Sage Jigged Bone.  The two jigging patterns are distinctive, but the color is virtually identical.

Purple Sage (L), Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone (R)
Purple Sage (L), Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone (R)

Queen Cutlery released the Queen City 27 1/2 Yankee Muskrat this week and it is a gem.

Queen City 27 1/2 Yankee Muskrat
Queen City 27 1/2 Yankee Muskrat

Queen took some hits a regarding quality in the past and in some cases with good cause.  I talked to Ken about it over a year ago and he said quality was a primary issue that he was going to turn around.  We all knew it wasn’t going to happen over night and there were some hiccups on the way, but the quality & consistency is really becoming obvious.  The Yankee Muskrat is a classic example of the quality everyone associated with the Queen/Schatt & Morgan knives from days long past.  AND…. it’s $59.95

In fact, I’m so enthused about the quality and pricing I’m going to give one of the Yankee Muskrats away.  Watch for a separate blog post.

GEC 83 Tascosa Review

The GEC 83 Tascosa drop points arrived today and are in the store.  I have the Gabon Ebony (nice solid black, no brown), Purple Sage Jigged Bone, OD Green Linen Micarta, Tortoise Shell Acrylic and the Northfield Autumn Leaf Jigged Bone.  There are more to come.

My first impression is it’s a nice little knife, basically a third iteration of the #42 and 72 lockbacks.

#42 (L), #72 (C), #83 (R)
#42 (L), #72 (C), #83 (R)
#42 L, #72 Ctr, #83 R
#42 L, #72 Ctr, #83 R

It’s definitely the most pocket friendly of the three and feels like it would be up to most ‘normal’ cutting tasks.  My only concern is it’s just a little small for my hand and one of the first things I notice was my index finger creeping out onto the blade.


Moving my hand back kept my finger from harms way, but left me with about 2.5 fingers on the handle.  I think that’s probably due in part to the slim handle profile and thickness.  If it had a little more thickness, it’d feel a bit more comfortable in my hand.  But that defeats the purpose of a smaller knife, no?

Slim Handle
Slim Handle

I really like the drop point blade and was particularly happy to see that they moved that nail nick past the center point towards the blade tip to give you maximum leverage for opening.  The lockbacks aren’t particularly hard to open to begin with but I’ve always been perplexed with the mfgrs putting the nick closer to the pivot then the blade tip.   It’s interesting that when you look at the three knives, the bigger the knife, the closer the nail nick is to the pivot.  I know the low profile of 83 necessitates moving it forward or waaay back, glad they moved it forward….. and for the hundredth time, I’d like to see that blade brought back in the 25 barlow.

A small detail was why they kept the lanyard tube on a knife this small.  It’d probably be fine to add a dangler but this is one of those knives that are meant to ride in the bottom of your pocket, …. no strings attached.  Not a big deal either way.

#42 L, #72 Ctr, #83 R Nail Nick location.
#42 L, #72 Ctr, #83 R Nail Nick location

The GEC 83 Tascosa knife doesn’t fit me well and I wish it did.  It’s a great size for pocket carry.  It looks great.  It’s gonna do most of the chores I call on a pocket knife for during the day just fine.  But, just a tad small in my hand.  In spite of that, I have a feeling we’ll see this come through in many, many SFO’s in the near future.  I can envision a 2 blade version and of course, sooner or later they’ll put a wharncliffe blade in it.  It’s a nice size and should have a lot of appeal for anyone not needing a larger workhorse.

Queen Woodsman Lockback Corrections ~ GEC 73’s

Think I’ve finally sorted out the Special Run Queen Woodsman Lockback release.  First, as previously stated the blades are 1095, NOT D2.  There are also a few Tortoise Shell Acrylics thrown in with the Cracked Ice.  And, the Worm Groove Bone has a thumb stud.  Sorry for the confusion, but I just posted the info that was originally passed onto me.

That being said, the Woodsman Lockback is a really nice pattern.  Visibly, it’s very similar in appearance to the GEC 73 Linerlock.

Queen Woodsman (L) GEC 73 (R)
Queen Woodsman (L) GEC 73 (R)

When you pick the two up, you immediately feel the difference in weight and thickness.  The Queen Woodsman Lockback has a slimmer profile and roughly a .3 oz weight advantage.  The Queen Woodsman Lockback feels like a smaller lighter weight knife.  The big difference comes when you open the blades.  The GEC linerlock has a spring you’d expect in a traditional non-locking folder but way heavier then I personally like in a locking blade knife.  There’s just no need for such a heavy spring.  The Queen Woodsman Lockback on the other hand has a very light, easy to open spring.

I really like the lanyard tube on the Queen Woodsman, but am disappointed in the inconsistent size of the holes.

Inconsistently sized lanyard holes
Inconsistently sized lanyard holes

I’ve been told there’s a possibility they may eliminate the lanyard tube in future runs.  If they can’t have the larger hole to accommodate a lanyard, there’s not much point in the added cost.

Overall, both of these knives offer a good choice if you have preference for a lockback or a linerlock design.  I’d like to see a lighter spring in the GEC and a functional lanyard tube in the Queen.