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Quick look at the new 82 Dixie Stock Knife

The 82 Dixie Stock Knives started to arrive yesterday and thought I’d give you a quick review.

First thing that struck me was the size.  At 4 3/16″ OAL closed, it’s a fairly large knife.  However, when you pick it up and handle it, it doesn’t have the ‘big knife’ feel of a #23 or a Queen Mountain Man.  The relatively slim profile and rounded ends all help make it feel very comfortable in the hand for a knife this size.  Obviously, I haven’t had any time to actually carry one in my pocket, but the rounded ends, slim profile and relatively light weight ( 3.2 oz) should make for a pretty comfortable carry knife.  Just dropping it in my pocket, I didn’t feel like I had all that big a knife in my pocket. 

Surprisingly, the weight on this particular knife (with 3 blades) is just .2 oz heavier that my current EDC 2 bladed Queen Gunstock (3 oz). 

I’ve got a hand that’s a little bigger than average and the feel of the 82 in my hand is very comfortable.  Plenty of handle for maximum control but not so bulky as to make the blades for ‘out of balance’ in a knife this size.

I’m a huge fan of that drop point blade and really, really hope we see GEC use it more often.  It’d be a personal dream come true to see that blade re-released in the 25 Barlow’s with a user friendly spring.

The new Sheepcliffe/Wharnfoot blade…. it’s okay.  It’s more of a Wharnfoot than a Sheepcliffe in my estimation.  It fits the profile of the knife nicely and I have a feeling the design change has more to do with optics than function.  I can’t really fault the design, I guess I’m not sure what I was expecting!!!

Couple of brief notes, no half stops on any of the blades.  Frankly, I don’t take issue with that.  The other point is that these are some of the duller GEC’s I’ve seen in a while.  To be more accurate, the edges were inconsistent.  A couple had fair edges on them and a couple, not so much……  This is another issue I’ve come to accept from most of the makers of traditional slip joints.  I just assume you’re going to have to touch up a new blade to your individual standards.  (And if you have an EdgePro Sharpener, you welcome the challenge!!!)

Overall, I like the 82 Dixie Stockman.  Big enough to do the job but not so big it’s gonna be uncomfortable to carry. 

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