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Fallkniven Tre Kronor

I got a call from an individual who had read the recent Blade Magazine article featuring Great Eastern Cutlery.  During our conversation, he found out I was a fan and a seller of the Fallkniven line.  He asked if I was familiar with the Tre Kronor from Fallkniven that was advertised on page 31 of the article.  The short version is that he bought a GEC and had me order a Tre Krono TK1 for him. 

I’m sitting here looking at it with a burning desire to take it out and cut something.  What a gorgeous knife.  The presentation box it comes in is heavier then the knife and sheath combined.  The workmanship is superb and from what little I know about the 3G steel/laminated blade, I may just have to get one. 

If any of you has used one of these I’d love to hear from you.  I’m a great fan of the A1 and have nothing but great things to say about it.

Blade Steels Reference link

Sometime back I’d written a brief article about the GEC’s being offered on Ebay with the 420HC blades and had made a few comments regarding a comparison with 440C.  I’ve got my own opinions regarding 420 steels and meant to pass along the following link if you weren’t familiar with blade steels: (link is no longer active) Try Knife Art by Joe Talmadge  instead

This is an excellent source of info with way more information then most of us need or want about blade steels.  I always like to have a few good resources to fall back on and I’ve found this one to be great.

If you’ve got any favorite links for background info regarding knives, send ’em in and I’ll put together a list.