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Last chance to order a KLT sheath???

Had an email exchange with Dave at Knife Leather Traditions and he’s going to wind down operations.  Dave’s working on plans for the adventure of a life time and sheath making isn’t going to be possible during that period.  Beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see. 

Dave’s made a lot of customers happy (me included) with one of the very best custom made leather sheaths available.  His creations are time consuming and I know for fact, he makes them because he loves doing it, not because he’s getting rich!!  I’ve had chats with him in the past about getting automated equipment or contracting some of the work out and let’s just say, that ain’t gonna happen.  If you own one of Dave’s sheaths, consider yourself lucky to own a limited production, high quality piece of American craftsmanship.

IF you’ve been thinking of picking up one of his sheaths, now is the time to do it.  I’ll continue to take orders for the sheaths listed in the store through the latter part of June.  Around the end of June I’ll be taking them down from the store listing and then…..? 

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