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Photo Contest Winners

Sorry for the delay, but here are the photo contest winners!!!

International First Choice is #3 submitted by Mark Y in Australia.

For the US entries, there was a tie.  To make it simple, I decided to award both of them gift certificates.  Congrats to:

Tom H from North Carolina:

And Octavio in Florida.

Just want to say thanks to everyone for participating and encourage you all to keep sending in photos.  There were some neat pictures submitted and I think everyone enjoys seeing your ‘pride and joy’!!!

Vote for the Photo Contest Entries NOW!!!

Photo Contest Voting Booth

Click on the above link to cast your vote for your favorite US and International entry to the Photo Contest.  The winners in each category will receive a $50 gift certificate to the TSA Knives store.  You can review the entries by going to:  Collector Pix

The voting will be tallied on 2/12/11 and the winners announced!!

Photo Contest Update and News!!!

I have fallen behind in more ways than one in the last couple of weeks and really feel bad about not staying current with the photo contest drawings.  There are two more winners to be announced for the Poster Giveaway and they are:

Ruben in Argentina and Tom W in North Carolina.  Your posters will be on their way to you yet today!!!

In the next day or so, I plan on putting up a poll that will give everyone an opportunity to vote for the 2 individuals that will receive $50 Gift Certificates.  One will be from the US and the second will be one of the International entries.

I”m going to keep encouraging photo submissions as there’s a project I’m considering doing with some of the photo’s.  If you have a photo to send in, do so.  We’ll see what happens in the next few months and I’ll let you know if I’m going forward with it.

Photo Entry From China take time to read

This week I received an email with a photo for the photo contest (more about the contest later) from one of our ‘regulars’ in Australia.  Mark had visited China over the Christmas Holidays to visit family and I felt this deserved to be shared with everyone.  With his permission, below is his email and the photo he sent in.

“Hi Greg,

Recently I went back to China to visit family and gave my cousin my #73. I asked him for a photo entry to represent China and we decided on this image. In an age of idealism, but punctuated by unrest in Tibet, Taiwan, the Korean penninsula and elsewhere around the world, the vision of China we wanted to share with the world was our 55 minority groups coming together on tiananmen square. The original image was a photo from an old encyclopedia. Although this was almost certainly staged, we want to believe in unity and harmony as an endpoint that china may one day reach.

 Also, in a society dominated by mass produced, inexpensive, easily replaceable products, the pocket knife is no exception. Firstly my cousin could not believe that the knife handle was made out of bone, or that carbon steel could be polished to a mirror finish. Every detail of the manufacturing quality was a pleasant surprise. It’s the first item in his household that was made in the USA and in reality, it’s probably the only thing that needed to be but it will still be there when everything else has been replaced.”

Photo Contest

And another entry came in this morning for the photo contest.  The longer this contest goes on, the better the photo’s seem to get!  We might just let this continue.

Did a quick tally of the entries and it appears that Florida leads with Minnesota and Illinois right behind them.  We’re still holding with just 11 states represented and 6 International locations.  Really appreciate hearing from the International collectors!!

I’m really thinking we should continue to allow entries through Christmas as I know there are more than a few of you getting knives for Christmas.  Over the holiday you’ll have time to shoot a picture and email it to me at:

One request, when you send me your photo, be sure to include it as an attachment rather than pasting it into the body of the email.  Just makes life a bit easier!  Check the current pictures out at:

Another Poster Winner and another Photo Entry

Congratulations to Luca M from Milano, Italy as the winner of this weeks GEC Poster giveaway!  Also thanks to Leo C from Illinois for a new entry. 

There’s a nice cross section of Great Eastern’s represented.  Have to say, everyone’s been pretty creative in composing their entries!  Much better than throwing them on the same piece of brown deerskin over and over again!!

International Photo Contest final Days!!!

Just want to encourage anyone wanting to get into the photo contest to hurry up and do so!  I’m thinking right around Christmas we’ll start the voting for the favorite entries and announce a winner around the first of the year.  If you don’t get an entry in, you sure cant’ win!

All you have to do is email me a picture (at )of your favorite Great Eastern Knife.  Try to ‘pose’ it around an item or a scene that helps identify where in the world you might be located.  There will be a vote made by the blog viewers after Christmas to choose the most popular US and International photos and each winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the TSA Knives Web store. 

Pretty simple, lots of fun and it won’t cost you a cent to enter!!!  Be sure to check out the current photos at:

Dawn C. is this weeks Poster Winner!

We’ve got a new Poster Winner this week.  It is Dawn C from Minnesota (Yeah Minnesota!!)  Congratulations Dawn!!

Just a couple more weeks to get your photos in to the contest and we’ll start voting on a winner for both an International and a US submission for the $50 gift certificates.  Even after the voting, I think we’ll keep the page up and continue to try to get more collectors to post their pictures.

All you have to do is email your picture to: and I’ll take care of it from there!!!

Great Photo’s Coming into the Contest!!

Just had another photo come in and an updated photo from down under.  Gotta give you all credit for coming up with some pretty creative ideas.  Could be some great shots for a calendar?????  This might be a good project for me to start working on for 2012. 

If you haven’t checked out the photo’s lately, I’ve added a US map to show where the photo’s are coming from.

There’s a whole bunch of states that should be highlighted yet!!!