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Week in Review 4.10.15, Ice Out Update, Hess, GEC, etc

Important things first.  I had a 1/2 dozen Wood Ducks show up this week checking out the trees for a good nesting spot so it looks like Spring is coming.  Last year we had a nest right outside of our bedroom but the racoons found it before the eggs could hatch.  Better luck this year I hope!

First Wood Duck of the year
First Wood Duck of the year

For the Ice Out Contest participants, the ice conditions are continuing to deteriorate.  There’s a lot of water starting to show along the shoreline and with the warm temps and wind forecast for the weekend, I think we could see things start to change fast.

Shorelines are opening up!
Shorelines are opening up!

Here’s the standings for the Ice Out Contest.  Looks like it’s quickly turning into a horse race for the last 3 standing!  Right now, I wouldn’t want to bet on who’s gonna be closest because things can change quickly or it can cool off and bring thawing to a slow crawl.  At any rate, best of luck!!!

  • 3/27  2PM    Justin
  • 3/28  2PM    Steve
  • 3/31   11AM   Jan
  • 4/1     High Noon  Dave
  • 4/2     3:31PM  jmw0403
  • 4/3     11:07 AM BA
  • 4/4    High Noon Paul S.
  • 4/5     2:30 PM    Weekes
  • 4/6     High Noon  Bill H
  • 4/7     3 AM     Muskrat
  • 4/7     3 PM    Trapper John
  • 4/9     3:29 PM largecents
  • 4/13   3 PM    Charlie Barlow
  • 4/16    3 PM    John
  • 4/20    4 PM     John B

As far as knife stuff, the EDC knives I listed this week sold quickly.  Figured they would as they were an excellent buy.  I still have a few more to get listed and will try to add them soon.

Yesterday I received the Hess fixed blades and started filling some holes in the inventory.  There are a few more to add that should go up today.  If you’re a camper, hiker, fisherman, there are some great knives to check out that won’t break the bank.

GEC,…… received the rest of the #38 Grinling Whittler stags and am supposed to have some of the red jigged bone by the first of the week.  Still no word on the colors on the upcoming 73’s & 25’s and nothing on the GEC production schedule.  I’m not sure what what to make of that.

New Hess Knifeworks Arrivals!

This morning I had a few more knives from the guys at Hess Knifeworks show up.  One of the new additions I don’t believe I’ve offered in the past is the Fish & Trout.  This is really a nice slim knife with a slim blade that’s perfect for cleaning….birds or trout!  The blade measures 3.375″ long x .120″ thick and the knife has an overall length of 6.875″

Bird & Trout Buckeye Burl
Bird & Trout Buckeye Burl

There were also some more of the popular Hess Knifeworks Mini-Capers, Capers and Large Capers.

L to R, Mini in Orange G10, Cocobolo and Birdseye Maple
L to R, Mini in Orange G10, Cocobolo and Birdseye Maple

Measurements start at just 5.25″ OAL on the Mini Caper, 6.5″ Caper (my personal choice) and 7.75″ Large Caper.

The fit and finish on these knives is superb. And when you consider the three knives you’re looking at range from $69.95 to $89.95, I don’t think there’s a knife on the market in that price range even close.

New Arrivals from Hess Knifeworks

The guys at Hess Knifeworks just never cease to amaze me with the quality of knives they build at the prices they charge.

Caper Cocobolo Wood
Caper Cocobolo Wood
Hess Large Caper Curly Maple
Hess Large Caper Curly Maple
Hess Hunter Buckeye Burl
Hess Hunter Buckeye Burl

The fit and finish is superb and they look fantastic.  I’ve used and carried one of the small capers for a couple of years now and can’t say enough good things about it.   Whether you’re looking for an EDC knife or a great looking addition to the knife case….give them a look.

New Products from Hess Knifeworks!

Friday I received a box from Hess Knifeworks with a couple of new models worth looking at.

The first one and newest is the Mini Caper.  As you’d expect, it’s a slightly smaller version the Caper.  Overall length is around 5 3/16″ and the weight is under 2 oz.  One of the neat aspects is the leather sheath has a belt loop for traditional carry plus eyelets with Paracord if you prefer to carry it as a neck knife.  The jigged bone handles actually look better than some stag I’ve handled.

There were also a couple of the Large Capers.  This pattern has been run before, but not recently.  As it’s name implies, it’s the largest of the three Capers and big enough for most any normal bushcraft project.  At 7.75″ OAL with a 3.5″ blade, it’s a comfortable work knife.   I’m also really happy that Andy’s willing to put a nice sharp corner on the top of the blades for me to accommodate anyone using the FireSteels.

Here’s a look at the Mini Caper, Caper and Large Caper for comparison.

Every time I look at these knives, I’m amazed at the quality Don and Andy are putting out for the price they sell for.   Think about it, all three of these knives come in under $90 with Curly Maple, Buckeye Burl or Jigged Bone.

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