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What do we do up here in the winter…..

I had a call from a customer in the sunbelt last week telling me how it had really ‘cooled’ off into the 40’s one nite and they really felt the cold.  Then he asked me how cold it got up here.  It happened to be around +6F at 1:00PM that day and I told him that was actually pretty decent temps for this time of year.  When I told him -20 to -30F wasn’t all that unusual up here in January the next question was ‘what in the hell do you do up there when it’s that cold???  I told him we go fishing.

We had an ice fishing tournament Saturday and it was a balmy +10F with a 6 knot breeze by the time it started.  (A couple of years ago my nephew and I fished the tournament in a full blown blizzard.)  Had some trouble keeping the holes from freezing over, but that didn’t keep folks from coming out to have a little fun!!!

They had motorcycle races on lake Sunday, but I had other commitments.  This week is our Polar Fest up here and we have all kinds of bizarre events, like ice golf, polar plunges, etc.  Betcha can’t do that in Tampa!!!
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Last Minute Christmas Ideas

The countdown is starting and I wanted to pass on a couple of ideas for Christmas.   If you’re shopping for a friend, family member, spouse, significant other and still need a stocking stuffer, TSA Knives still has the following gift ideas ready to ship.

Autographed Hard Back edition of David Anthony’s book, “Great Eastern Cutlery, An American Tradition”.  Couple of things worth noting is that there were only 100 copies of the Hardback printed.  This is an excellent historical reference book not only about Great Eastern Cutlery, but also the history of knife making in that region.  The hardback books I have in stock are not only autographed by the author, but they’ve also been signed by: Bill Howard, Christine and Pat.  Tried to get Ken’s signature but it couldn’t be done in time for Christmas.

Great Eastern Letter Openers and Blade  Keys  These are an inexpensive stocking stuffer that would be appreciated by any collector.

Padded Knife Carry Case.  We have a heavily padded case made from a ballistic type nylon with 12 pockets that have been lined with a fleece material for the ultimate in protection.

Light My Fire Firesteel  If you have an outdoorsperson on your shopping list, the Firesteels are a must have item for any back pack.  There’s a video at  that demonstrates how to use.

Pocket Magnifier  Even if age hasn’t affected your eyesight, the pocket magnifiers are a great item to have in your pocket when your inspecting a knife.  The built in light makes reading even the most obscure tang stamps possible.

TSA Knives Gift Certificate These are available in $25, $35, $50 and $100 increments.

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Montana fur trading company

For the hunters and skiins people in the group,. if yiu ever get a chance to visit the Montana Fur Trading Company in Martin City MT, go.  What a great group of hunters hanging around talking and a just a wonderful store full of the greatest Taxidermy.  Some very nice custom made fixed blade but a little pricey on my budget and I think the GEC quality is every bit as good.