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Aussie Knife law update.

I got an emotionally charged email from Luke this morning.  He received a package containing six CRKT knives he recently purchased from me.  His package was missing 4 of the 6 knives.  In addition, his son-in-law lost 3 out of 4 he had purchased.

Follows is his ‘edited’ email.  Understand that the 4 confiscated were considered assisted opening or ‘flick’ knives, meaning customs ‘believed’ they could be opened by ‘flicking’ the wrist.  Well, that can be extended to cover a whole range of knives.  I believe he’s planning on challenging the confiscation and I’ll keep you updated.  Sobering stuff guys.

Hi Greg,

I sent you that article about banned knife types? well the
%^&*& hit
me. That last order from you only just arrived. FOUR of the six knives
were confiscated by the Customs & Postal %$##. All that I ended up
receiving was the CRKT Minimalist and the Cold Steel Mini Tac Tanto. My
son in Law lost 3 of his 4 knives. This kinda casts a pall over our
future knife purchases. They took EVERY one of the folders.
Please excuse the bad language but I am infused with a burning rage
against the freaking STUPID idiots running this ^%$&*((.
means that it will be a problem for you to send ANY folding knives to
us in Australia because of the Bullshit Laws they keep changing to
justify their huge freakin Salaries. Can I just say Greg, I’m not in any
way blaming you, there is no way it could be your fault. I’m just
letting you know as a warning to all your other Australian clients. Man I
am so %$#^%^. I sent you a photo of the very official notice they
A Very Saddened Friend,