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Thanks for Playing while Greg was away

For all the follks that helped us have some fun while Greg was away…..Thanks I enjoyed the game and I think Greg did also .  So for the winners of TSA pens………

1)   Who can name all the knives he took with him?

    Thomas got 4 right, have a pen for our next visit togeather for you   

2)   Just what do you think he is doing with those knives.

    Morrie thought sharpenening then in a bourbon bath (my personal favorite)
    I thought getting beavers for the front yard
    Stefan thought building a log cabin
    Daves thoughts:
It’s a perfect environment for knife testing and just plain being alive in the big woods.
 Greg can be laughing up his sleeve at us pore folk having to sit home waiting for his return.”

***Dave you have also won a prize if you will send me your address.  you can send it to me private at
the IKC if you would like.

Soooo, what was in his Field Test Kit?

My trusty sharpening stick
Fallkniven A1 in Black Kydex
Falkniven A1 Custom Handle (brown leather sheath w/firesteel loop)
#12 Toothpick Blood Red
Camillus Sizzle
Bark River Gameskeeper 2 (White Micarta Handles)
73 Linerlock Burnt Stag
(top to bottom)
Swiss Army old discontinued not sure of the model in leather sheath
#48 Burnt Stag
My trusty 61 Congress with Blued Blades
89 Melon Whittler
#53 Muskrat
Cold Steel SRK
Bark River Bravo 1 in Black Kydex