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New FireSteel Thread

Thanks for planting the idea Dave. 

I sell a lot of the LightMyFire FireSteels and every now and then, someone drops me an email with a question or comment.  Too often, the ideas don’t get passed on once they get to me!  So hopefully, we can use this thread to add any ideas on different types of tinder, techniques etc that have worked for you with the FireSteels.

I’ve posted a couple of videos which can be viewed by clicking on the “Video Library” link.  What you’ll see is a technique that works for me but different parts of the country/world pose different problems.  I’ve shipped the FireSteels to numerous customers around the world including Russia, Australia all over Europe and even Tahiti.  So if you’ve got a tip to share or a question to ask, let’s hear it!!!  Somebody out there can no doubt help you out or better yet, you can help them.