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Baddest Bee Fire Fuses Review

One of the items I took up North to try out were the Baddest Bee Fire Fuses.

Fire Fuse 3 Pak

As the name implies, they’re a ‘fuse’ for lighting fires in the outdoors.  Made from a cotton material that’s impregnated with a wax type accelerant, they’re very easy to ignite with a Fire Steel.  By my rough estimate, it burns at a rate of about an inch a minute.

Fray the end slightly

I make it a practice to carry some pieces of Fatwood with me when I’m camping.  The Fatwood makes lighting a fire so much easier particularly if you’re experiencing wet conditions and dry tinder isn’t easy to come by.  It lights easily and burns for a long time.  It’s perfect for getting your campfire going and the Fire Fuses are the perfect way to get things going.

After I stacked a bit of kindling (which was not cut particularly small), I shaved a piece of the Fatwood and inserted about an inch long piece of the Fire Fuse into a  notch on the Fatwood.

A couple of strikes on the Fire Steel and we’ve got fire.

At this point, lay the Fatwood stick under the kindling and get the coffee pot ready!

I’m seriously impressed with the Fire Fuses for a couple of reasons.  It’s easy to light with a Fire Steel, it’s very resistant to getting blown out by a breeze and it’s waterproof.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to get things going, even if you have relatively damp kindling.  But I really like the fact they used their head regarding the packaging.

Rather then just sticking a few pieces in a plastic bag, the manufacturer was bright enough to package it in a water resistant tube with caps on either end.  The package of 8 fuses is small and easy to fit in a pocket.   If your fingers are cold and stiff, simply pop the caps off both ends and push the fuses out from the opposite end.  Cutting the 8 fuses into one inch lengths means about 24 fires per tube.  And each package contains 3 tubes of 8!!  Not a bad deal.  I’m impressed and if you spend any time in the woods, I feel the product is well worth the price.  Along with a Fire Steel, the Baddest Bee Fire Fuses make for an inexpensive bit of insurance should you need a quick fire to warm up or dry off.


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Anybody used or make char cloth???

I’ve read about and knew about char cloth for fire starting, but have never used it.  I came across this article the other evening and wondered if any of you have ever tried it for firestarting.  Dave, I know your a re-enactor.  Any experience with it???  Also, read the posting on this page made by “Diecastoms”.   Make char cloth   Sounds like a pretty simple process.

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New FireSteel Thread

Thanks for planting the idea Dave. 

I sell a lot of the LightMyFire FireSteels and every now and then, someone drops me an email with a question or comment.  Too often, the ideas don’t get passed on once they get to me!  So hopefully, we can use this thread to add any ideas on different types of tinder, techniques etc that have worked for you with the FireSteels.

I’ve posted a couple of videos which can be viewed by clicking on the “Video Library” link.  What you’ll see is a technique that works for me but different parts of the country/world pose different problems.  I’ve shipped the FireSteels to numerous customers around the world including Russia, Australia all over Europe and even Tahiti.  So if you’ve got a tip to share or a question to ask, let’s hear it!!!  Somebody out there can no doubt help you out or better yet, you can help them.