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Ice Out Contest Entry “projections” are in! And the winner is…

UPDATE 5/12/13
We’ve got a winner!!  Roy picked 4:20PM on May 11 and that’s about as close as you can get.  High winds came up Friday nite and I really thought that was the end of it.  But this morning this was the view from the East Side of the lake;

About a 1/3 of the lake wasn’t navigable.  By late this afternoon, things were pretty well cleared out.  When the ice goes it goes fast and today, there’s a whole bunch of us sitting around with silly grins on our faces.  And if you’d like to get a good visual of the ice going out, check out this video on Mille Lacs Lake which lies roughly 90 miles to the ESE of us:  Ice on the Doorstep  That’s a much bigger lake and it’s not unusual to have ice push up on shore and pile up as high as 25-30 feet.

SO….Roy, you’ve attained the title of  Master Iceologist and more importantly, you are now the proud owner of the #260210 Polar Ice knife AND $60 cash.  Congratulations!!!  And thanks to the rest of you for helping me get through these ‘trying times’!!!

UPDATED 5/10/13
Things are starting to happen fast!!  (And at $5 per day, thank god for small things!!)  As of yesterday the lake was showing real signs of breaking up.  A breeze was starting to push ice up on the west shore and there were patches of open water showing.  I’d say we’ll see the ‘slush’ stage in the next 24-48 hours and then, kinda like drinking Margaritas, before you know it you’re looking at just a puddle of water in the bottom of the glass with a stupid grin on your face…..

UPDATED 5/2/13
What can I tell you.  It was +21F this AM and peaked out at around 39F this afternoon.  In other words, Dave’s guess for a July Ice Out is looking more possible with each passing day.  So we have a knife plus $10 cash and rising……daily.

UPDATED 4/28/13
Yeeeehaww…..  It hit 60F+ yesterday and by all appearances, Spring has sprung!!  (ahhhh, the brown is sand and the white is….well….. pretty soon it’ll be water)

UPDATED 4/26/13
Today’s the first day we finally came in above 50F since sometime… I don’t know,… a couple of years ago??????  Anyway, it’s starting to thaw but we’ve got a ways to go.  Here’s the shoreline yesterday afternoon.  The ice isn’t starting to pull away yet.

Okay, all the guesses are in and now we wait.  Hopefully, not for long!!  Just to add a little clarification, in the extreme possibility the time falls smack dab between two entries, whoever posted their guess first takes it.

Here’s what your hoping to win.  Bragging rights as a Master Iceologist, a neat little GEC #25 finished with Polar Ice handles.  AND if the ice doesn’t leave till after May 1, you’ll get not only the knife, but also $5 PER DAY for each day after the 1st.  A May 5th Ice Out would add $25 in cash to the prize, etc.

Here’s how it breaks down:

April 29   3:33PM   David
April 29   5:00PM  Will
May 1      3:00PM Paul
May 2      11:00AM John
May 3       7:00AM Ryan
May 4       3:00PM  Indian
May 5       2:30PM Nick

May 6       12:00 Noon  Lane
May 7       3:11PM Trev
May 8       3:25PM Denny
May 9      10:00AM James

May 9        3:33PM  Leo
May 10     Noon  Jan
May 11     4:20PM Roy
May 17    11:00AM Jani

July 23      2:13PM Dave………  I love ya like a brother and I rarely say anything like this, but I sure as hell hope you don’t win!!!  (I’m making this call a little early Dave!! Whew!)
Otherwise, good luck everyone!   

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