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2017 Ice Out Contest Winner! finally…

I can’t recall having it take so long for the ice to clear out as it’s taken this year.  In fact, there’s still a slab of ice over a mile long on the NE shoreline that is probably going to take another 36-48 hours to break up.  But, since the latest entry date was for 2:30PM today, 4/6/17 there is no sense is putting off announcing that

  • rarreola  4/6  2:30PM

is officially recognized as the winner of the 2017 Ice Out Contest.  Congratulations!!!  You have a new Trestle Pine Superior on it’s way to you.

Trestle Pine Superior CPM154 Blade

The one exciting feature of this years ice out was the formation of the crystals of ice we saw in the last week.

Ice Crystals

They’re really unique and not something you get to see every year.  I don’t totally understand how they’re formed, but I do know it’s pretty cool when you get to see them.

Thanks to all of you for participating in this years contest and hope you may have gotten a little insight into how easy it is to keep us entertained in this part of the world!  After spending months living in a monochrome world that blue water almost hurts our eyes.

Ice Out Contest Status 4.4.17

I thought there would be a winner to announce in the Ice Out Contest by now.  Thought I’d best offer a contest status update.  This is one strange spring for ice conditions.  Starting Sunday, I assumed the ice would be out within the next 24 hours at the outside.  Nope.  Still have a slab probably a mile long by 3-500 yards wide hanging in there.

Ice condition Monday evening 4.3.17 around 7:00PM

Very cool ice crystals that have formed.

Ice Crystals Formed on the Surface
Slab still floating as of 4.4.17 around 9:00 AM

The lack of wind has really slowed the thawing process down.  Wind will push the ice around toward shore forcing it to break up.  Without that wind, it just sits on the lake like a big puddle of slush.  And that’s exactly what we’re seeing happen

I’d say I expect it to be gone later this afternoon or evening, but I’ve been saying that for the last 3 days!!!  In my book, Fall is official on Labor Day when the resorts start closing and the official start of Winter is when the lake freezes over.  Summer starts Memorial Day weekend with the opening of tourist season and  Spring is officially here when the ice goes out.  So, we wait.

Ice Update & New Release Knife Arrivals

Here’s a quick Ice Update for the contest entrants.  There’s open water showing up in some of the shallow areas and the ice is starting to pull away from the shore.  There’s still plenty of ice out in the lake.  If we could get the sun shining instead of cloud cover it would speed things up considerably.  But…. it is melting.

More of the GEC 48 Weasels came through this week.  I haven’t kept track, but we should be getting close to the single blades being finished and the two blade version coming through.

Queen has held to their plan and is shipping new stuff on a regular basis.  This week I received the S&M 3T Linerlocks,

Schatt & Morgan 3T Linerlock

and an assortment of #40 Gunstocks with CPM154 blades.

CPM154 Gunstock

AND some #64 Canoes

#64 Canoe

I haven’t had time to look at all of them, but I just opened a box of Schatt & Morgan Factory Sample Knives with a variety of handle materials including Rams Horn and Buffalo Horn.   There are #63 Rail Splitters, #376 Swell Centers and #65 Baby Sunfish.  Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.  These are knives that are run with different handle material and for the most part, are all one of a kind knives.  If you like unique, these are for you.

Blades are etched “Factory Sample”.

#63 Factory Sample “Rams Horn”

I’ll try to start listing these yet this afternoon.  Great looking knives!  (Just finished uploading them at:  Factory Sample Knives

Ice Out Contest Update 2017

The Ice Out conditions are changing fairly quickly!  I took a drive around the lake yesterday and you can see the ice is getting pretty black.

Ice Conditions 3.26.17

I’m not going to make any predictions, but I don’t think we have too much longer for open water.  It’s supposed to be in the 50’s the next few days with temps barely touching freezing at nite and those overnite temps make a difference.  Winds are predicted to be light, but the warm air will make up for it.

Here’s a listing of “best estimates”.  I have to give everyone credit for apparently doing at least a little homework.  Everyone stayed within a pretty tight range of what I think is probably going to include the actual date.  Check your entry and make sure it’s correct!!

  • Medic6488  3/25  10:00AM
  • JH  3/28  4:00PM
  • John B  3/29  2:00PM
  • Jeff  3/29  3:15PM
  • Pmek5  3/29  4:55PM
  • Dave O  3/30  6:01AM
  • Randy  3/31  5:00AM
  • BA  3/31  7:07PM
  • draggat  4/1  2:48PM
  • Syd  4/2  11:45AM
  • Asconte  4/2  11:57PM
  • P Slusser 4/3  5:00PM
  • C Hess  4/4  3:00PM
  • W Tatum 4/5  8:00AM
  • rarreola  4/6  2:30PM

Ice Out Contest Reminder

Don’t forget, the cutoff for Ice Out Contest entries is Friday (tomorrow morning) at 8:00AM.  Just follow this link and post a reply with your best guest if you haven’t already:  2017 Ice Out Contest

It’s warming up a bit today into the low 40’s and we’ve got more mild weather in the 10 day outlook.  There’s a fair amount of wind in the forecast as well which usually helps speed the melting/breakup process.  Beyond, your guess is as good as mine!!!

Remember, everyone’s welcome to make a guess and best of luck!!

Ice Out Contest and Current Knives Update

Just a brief update on the Ice Out Contest.  Temperatures are bouncing around between 40’s and 50’s and this morning down in the mid teen’s.  (in fact, we just had a brief snow squall) So overall the ice is melting but the progress has slowed.  There’s just a little water starting to show along the shore in places which is a good sign that things are melting.

Remember, this Friday is the last chance to place a guess.  No entry fee, no membership requirement in fact you don’t even have to be a TSA Knives customer.  Everyone is invited to participate in a chance to win a Trestle Pine Superior with Stag handles.  No strings attached.

Trestle Pine Superior CPM154 Blade

The first of the GEC #48 Weasels arrived.  Basically a rework of the original #48 Dogleg.  Not exactly sure why it’s called a Weasel this time around, but a nice knife.

GEC #48 Weasel

I also got a new release note from Chris at GEC that the #38 Special will be released this summer, June into July.  For a change, these will be an ‘open’ production run meaning dealers can actually order as many as they’d like.  The only allocated knives in the run will be the Stag.  Here are the details.

#38 Special Single Blade Muskrat Clip – 3.88″ long closed

Tidioute – Smooth bolster and cap end:
Jigged Bone – color to be determined
Exotic Mexican Bocote Wood
Red Linen Micarta

Northfield – single line – dimple bolster and cap end
Jigged Bone – color to be determined
Acrylic – color to be determined

I’m going to guess there could be a fair number of SFO’s tagged onto this run based on the limited number of handle options and the length of time they’re allowing for production.  Might be wrong, but this is a pretty limited handle selection for a new run.

Don’t forget to enter the Ice Out Contest!!  Ice Out Contest


2016 Ice Out Winner!

It is official, the ice is out!  There’s little strip of slush about 150 yards long that you can literally watch disappear.  So, I’m declaring the lake ice free as of 2:00PM 3/29/16.

Ice Out 3.28.16
Ice Out 3.28.16

And the winner of the $100 gift certificate is Randy.  Congrats.  For the record, last year we weren’t ice free until 4/12/15.  We beat that by 2 weeks this year.

Here are the entries with their best guestimates.

  • April 16 at 3 pm  ~  tonystl
  • April 13 at noon  ~  Paul Slusser
  • April 12, 2016, 3:01 pm  ~ asconte
  • April 12th, 7:30 PM  ~  John
  • April 12th 2:00pm   ~  johnb
  • April 11, 2016 at 2:00pm  ~ tomfoolery33
  • April 11, 2016 6:22 AM ~ syd
  • April 10, 2016 @3:30pm  ~ Dave
  • April 10, 3:23 PM  ~  Phil
  • April 9th at 1:43 pm  ~  cutlerhudson
  • April 8th, 2:57pm ~ draggat
  • April 7th at 4pm ~ rmc11142
  • April 5th, 10 pm  ~ Padua
  • April 2nd 10 pm  ~  BA
  • April 1, 2016 at 5:00 AM  ~  Randy

Ice Condition 3.23.16

Just drove around the lake this afternoon and I’d say we’re at about 25-30% open water.  I honestly can’t recall things melting so fast.  It’s supposed to stay cool overnite the next few days with a couple days in the 40’s so I’m still betting we could have open water by Easter Sunday.  I’ll try to get a few pix up for you tomorrow.

Ice Out Entries…..READ!!!!

It’s just come to my attention some folks have been emailing ice out dates to me expecting me to enter them.  NO!!!

YOU Have to post them on the blog or you’re not entered.  All you have to  do is leave a comment to the post: Ice Out Contest

AND, make sure to pick a time ‘specific’!!!  Example, 1:30 PM not a generic ‘Friday afternoon’.  Do NOT leave a comment to the post your currently reading!  Go to:  Ice Out Contest

I don’t want someone to miss out or be pissed they didn’t win because they didn’t get entered.

2016 Annual Ice Out Contest

Folks, the way this weather has been warming up, we’ve gotta get this ice out contest going before it’s too late!!!  I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and for me anyway, its a great diversion to help usher in Spring, so here goes….

Just click on the Leave a Comment button with the DATE, and TIME (note if its’ AM or PM) with your best guess when the ice will disappear in Detroit Lakes, MN.  You’ll have until Midnite CST Sunday March 20 to enter.  ONLY ONE ENTRY ALLOWED per person.


Years past, an ‘average’ date falls around the 3rd week in April.  This year, I’m pretty darned sure we’ll see open water well before that ‘average’ date but I’ve been wrong before.  This weekend we’re supposed to have temps around 60 but by next week we could see a little snow.  Typical warm up and cool down with more warm then cold.  The ice has pushed up on the shore with the freeze / thaw we’ve been experiencing and has even raised a little havoc with the cement slabs on the boat ramp.  You can see one of the slabs laying on top of the ice.

Not sure how many inches of ice are left to melt but there were cars driving out there about a week ago.


So what are you vying for?  In the past I’ve given away a knife and decided this year to mix things up a bit so how about a gift certificate for $100 for the Ice Out Contest winner?  That way you can choose your own prize.