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Frontier Bone

Hi from across the pond,having  always carried a pocket knife since I was a lad certain types have always appealed to me.The recurrent theme being bone handle usually clip point style.Now I like most of you started with a slippie and I dont recall any problems or mishaps but then I discovered the lock knife, Buck of course!
 I also came across G10 single hand opening etc well recentlyI got to thinking about my boyhood slippies and decided to revisit my past so a hunt round on the web reveals GEC hmmm nice no UK dealers,ok so I e mailed Greg and 2 weeks later a Frontier bone tidioute is snug in my pocket.It is a fine tool the fit and finish is good,better than my moore maker for sure.I wanted a user and knew if I bought something fancier it would live in a drawer.The blade is kind of toothy sharp, nice!I love 1095, the handles are getting a nice pocket worn matt look to them already I work outdoors so it gets used not abused for various tasks every day.I would also say that the strong backspring I really like and pretty much negates the need for a lock ,it feels good and secure in the hand but also has a nice slim pocket footprint and is the perfect size for edc .The only way this could be kicked out my pocket is if GEC produced a knife the same size with a  single clip blade and jigged bone handles(think PJ Tomes)are you listening GEC?I like the very safe and old timey look to it as well ,very paternal and non scary in these times of paranoia.So if you want a nice user I thoroughly recommend one.The knife being reviewed is the very same one pictured on Gregs site ,who I would like to say is a top man to deal with and lightning fast in reply to any questions.Regards Andy.