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Dave Taylor’s another prime example…

I just caught Dave’s comment regarding Donnie’s hatchet.  Dave’s another classic example of an ‘accidental’ craftsman.  For those folks that were willing to spend the money on a sheath worth twice what they paid, the sheaths Dave built under the Knife Leather Traditions stamp are incredible.  The quality and attention to detail are prime examples of a craftsman putting part of themselves into what they’re making.

While I’m not 100% sure of Dave’s leather working background, I do know he also had the opportunity to learn his trade under some of the finest craftsman out there.  Dave’s another one that let an interest grow into a passion and it’s reflected in his work.

It’s really timely Dave put that post up as this AM, I got a call from “John”.  John saw this picture I’d taken of the Bark River STS 8 I added to the store yesterday.

If you notice, on the left side of the picture there’s a sheath peeking out that obviously doesn’t fit the STS 8.  Well, John owns a couple of Dave’s sheaths and recognized the one in the picture as something he didn’t have.  An email and a phone call later, he does now!  (In fact, I just realized he didn’t even ask what the price was!!!)  It has to be pretty satisfying to have someone recognize your work like that.

Dave, you’re another prime example of letting your heart lead you instead of your head.  In fact I also know Dave has put together a couple of knives himself that are fine looking pieces.  I’m thankful there’s folks like you and Donnie to help encourage us to try new things!!!

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