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Comparing Ez Opens

Right after I listed the Weaver Easy Opens, I had someone request a side view to see just how high the blade rose above the body of the knife.  For reference, here’s one of original EZ open 25’s and a 56 Weaver EZ.

You’ll also get an idea of how gentle the ‘hook’ is on the hawkbill.  Below you can see that the profile of the blade almost perfectly follows the profile of the Barlow but just extends a bit further and rises accordingly.

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Open House

                                       i purchased my first (of quite a few) great eastern cutlery knives from TSA, which started up my new collection. these pictures are of the open house #25 barlow. which were offered to those who were lucky enough to attend . a total of 57 pcs. were made according to the C.O.A attached to the shipping tube. within those 57 were various handle (scales) materials. as far as i know there was only 1 with charcoal acrylic . (see pics.)


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P.S- back ground material is MESQUITE used in the construction

of the new NFL films building in N.J