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From the Blade show to the blog

Hello TSA folks….

So today begins the long awaited Blade show. Thought I would bring you all along with us.  The GEC gang is here.  Ken, Ryan, Courtney and our buddy Pat “Vman”,  GEC is doing a wonderful job of dazzling the folks here.  It is hard to tell what is getting the best reception, the fixed or the pocket knives.  Be assured though that everyone stopping by is getting a warm welcome and handling/buying the GEC brands.  Greg has been kind enough to allow me the opportunity to keep  you all updated on here so watch for more to come.  In the meantime for those of you that do not know, This is Ken and Ryan hard at work this morning

It seems that I am technology challenged when added pictures to Gregs Blog.  So let’s do this. My photobucket has the pictures from today.

1) Rough Buffalo Scales, love to see these on a GEC knife

2) Donnie and Pat (VMAN)…notice the hats

3) Courtney Daniels, a wonderful knife lady

4) Ken and Ryan Daniels …looks like a strategy session

and of course MY NEWEST BEAVERTAIL!!!

And wouldn’t it be nice to have this sitting in the ‘knife room’ at home…