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New Look and More Changes Coming

If you’re reading this blog post you’ve most likely noted the new look to the blog site.  It’s still a bit of a work in progress and there are more significant changes coming to the TSA Knives storefront.

I’ve been putting off updating the storefront for quite some time but I’m told it’s time to get it done.  They’re moving our hosting to a different platform.  In layman’s terms means it’s time to step into the 21st century.  On the upside, it should add some features to the storefront and I’m told…make things easier for me to manage as well.  Further down the road the host will quit supporting the old Linux platform and at that point… I’d be on my own.

A recurring problem has been the inability for customers to reset their password without going through me.  I don’t mind doing it but it’s something that needs fixing.  The appearance of the storefront will change and I’m assured it will result in an even more friendly website if you’re a mobile user.  We shall see.

For now, the blog was the easy place to start and next is the web-store.  Other then cosmetics, one of the changes will make it a little easier to post a comment on the blog.  You still need to register to get on.  Your first comment/post needs to be approved but once that’s done, you’ll be able to post comments and their won’t be the usual delay in seeing them on the blog.  I had suspended that feature a couple of years ago when the blog got inundated with spammers but hopefully, that’s a problem of the past.

Updating the storefront is most likely going to take several weeks for me to complete and it should be a seamless transition.  I’m not anticipating any interruptions in service.  One day you’re going to visit the storefront, see a new look and enjoy an improved TSA Knives shopping experience.  (I hate change too and I wrote the last sentence for my own piece of mind as well as yours)

4 thoughts on “New Look and More Changes Coming

  1. Hope I am registered, do not know much about how to operate laptop. Can barely work email.

    1. I sent a personal email with a new password. Hope that solves the problem. Anyone else having issues, let me know.

  2. Getting HOME/ERROR 404?

  3. Think It worked, will see if you get this one Greg, Thank-You again for ALL YOUR HELP!!!

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