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Kraft Tissue Knife Wrapping Paper

Hopefully this kraft tissue knife wrapping paper will give you an option to that original torn paper.  The wax oil resistant paper has been very popular with collectors so I added in a Kraft Tissue Paper as well.  This is the lightweight tan colored paper used by companies like Case and Queen, Schatt & Morgan and others.

Kraft Tissue Wrapping Paper

If you’ve wrapped and re-wrapped one of your knives with this paper you know it’s good for about 3 wrap/unwrap cycles and you have torn or shredded paper.  It took a little looking but I finally came up with an option to using the white Christmas tissue in the gift wrap section.

This comes in packs of 40 sheets that are approximately 7″x9″ or just slightly larger.  And no, it’s not tear proof.  It’s just like the original issue tissue but its an option if you want to re-wrap your NIB collectibles to keep them like new.

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