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GEC 85 Salmon Acrylics Play Nice!

The GEC 85 Salmon Acrylics came in and I’ll be listing them in the store this morning.  I hope to have them listed by around Noon CST.  There will be pictures of the actual knife you’ll receive so it takes a bit longer to get all the pix taken and posted.

GEC 85 Salmon Acrylic

Now, a polite request for everyone to play nice.  I’m in the business to sell knives and within reason, I don’t care who I sell them to.  With  the increase in collector interest in the new releases, there’s a ton of frustration out there on the part of collectors and dealers.  New releases are sold out within minutes of posting and 24 hours later the Ebay price for that knife is inflated by 25-100%.

Rather then trying to work with my own customer allocation, lottery, pre-order, whatever you want to call it, I put the knives up on a first come first served basis.  No preferential treatment for anyone.

The downside of this is that a few customers are picking up a ‘couple’ knives or even three or four.  I’m not gonna shut these people down (for now) but I am going to ask that you give consideration to the other collectors out there.  The other option is I go back to the reservation system and limit everyone to one knife.  Up to you.

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