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Artisan Cutlery S35VN and Warranty Update

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the Artisan Cutlery Tradition knife with D2 steel.  Today i’ll give you a very quick impression of the Tradition model ATZ-1702P with an S35VN blade and Carbon Fiber handle.  I’ll finish things off with a quick update on the Artisan Cutlery warranty issue I raised.

Artisan Cutlery ATZ-1702P

In brief, the two models are virtually identical when it comes to mechanics.  Both knives came razor sharp and the fit and finish were flawless.  The difference in the knife pictured is the S35VN blade, carbon fiber handle and size.

The overall length closed is 5.625″ with a 4″ blade.  It’s a robust sized knife that would be a great accessory for a hunting trip or serious camping trip.  Carbon fiber makes an attractive and incredibly tough handle material.  Wrap this around an S35VN blade and put a $110 price tag on it and you’ve got a serious contender in the world of EDC knives.

Artisan Cutlery-TSA Knives, LLC
Artisan Cutlery Tradition

I really struggle trying to find a compelling reason not to like these knives!  Being a steel geek I’m really happy to see both D2 and particularly S35VN being used in very reasonably priced knives.  Another detail that I like is the information card Artisan Cutlery includes with the knives.  They’re not afraid to state the steel used as well as the Rockwell hardness.  From the two Artisan Cutlery knives I’ve looked at I may have to rethink my impression of Chinese cutlery.  We’ll see.

Yesterday I brought up the major concern with Artisan Cutlery as the lack of any sort of stated warranty.  There’s also no contact info being included on the knife, packaging or in the box.

I sent an email to Artisan Cutlery at the email address I found in their electronic catalog.  The email laid out my concern about the lack of any stated warranty or contact info with their knives.  I also made it clear I wouldn’t consider carrying a knife line in the store that didn’t have at the very minimum a phone number or email address to contact for any ‘issues’.

Within an hour a representative from Artisan started a very courteous email exchange.  The initial response was that as a ‘new’ company they were feeling their way along but would absolutely stand behind their products. I responded that was great but didn’t really address my concern.  Their representative reassured me that my concern would be passed along and considered.  For now, any questions or concerns can be directed to the email address I found in their catalogue.

Someone pointed out that GEC doesn’t have a written warranty that accompanies their knives either.  The difference is GEC includes their phone number and address on the label of every knife they send out.  On top of that, if I really get mad enough at them I can jump in the car and drive up to their front door.  China…that’s a bit of a trip.

In summation, I felt the email exchange and response was sincere.  I’m sure I’ve seemingly blown this into a major issue but hope it didn’t come off that way.  It’s just that they seemed to have done most everything right with the product and to overlook a detail like that was a minor disappointment.


4 thoughts on “Artisan Cutlery S35VN and Warranty Update

  1. China is a bit far, but the address for Artisan is just a few miles from where we live. Though I doubt we would get any more real information than you did, if it would be of any benefit or interest, we could drop by and check out the operation.

    1. Interesting. I’m’ satisfied with the response that I got but it would be fun to see if they have any sort of showroom. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is just an office for shuffling paper but who knows! If you drop by, the individual i had contact with was Caroline.

    2. It doesn’t surprise me as that’s not real uncommon for overseas operations. When I was handling the automatic knives I did the same thing to get a presence in another state where I could legally receive and ship them from.

  2. Well, we were surprised. Based on the address they give in their “electric catalog”, #C-618, we had expected a space in an industrial park. Instead, its in a shopping center and C-618 is actually a very small UPS store in which they rent a letter size mail box. As my wife notes; there is no there there.

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