GEC Next Release and Rendezvous Knife Winner!

In a conversation with Chris I was told the next release following the Stag 44’s and the huge run of 14’s will be a rerun of the #99 Wallstreet.  These have been run with Clip, Spear and Wharncliffe blades.  I have no idea what the offering will be this time around.  The only thing for sure is it’s another allocation knife so I’m assuming quantities will be limited unless they open it up to SFO’s.  Then all bets are off regarding quantities. is offered for reference only.  Actual 2018 release may be different.

My understanding at this point is that the schedule for the balance of 2018 from GEC will include the completion of the 44 Gunstocks, the run of 14 Boys Knives and they’ll finish the year with the #99 Wallstreet.

As with the upcoming 14’s, TSA Knives won’t be offering an early order option due to the fact we can’t be assured of the quantity of knives we’ll receive.  In fact going forward I’ll most likely be eliminating the early order option with a few exceptions.

It came as a surprise that I was the winner of the GEC Rendezvous Knife Raffle for the Wounded Warrior Project.

2018 GEC Rendezvous Knife

This is a one of a kind 44 Gunstock finished with MOP handles.  I was thrilled to win it and am happy to announce that once I get it and have a few days to look it over, I’ll be offering it up for raffle/auction again to raise more funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Chris said that they didn’t have a final total yet, but the preliminary guess was that the Rendezvous Raffle raised $1000 or better for the WWP.  That’s fantastic and I look forward to adding to that.  It’ll be a couple of weeks at least before it’s offered again so pass the word and keep an eye on the blog.

A final note regarding shipping.  I’m heading out on a field trip for a few days so I won’t be shipping any orders starting Saturday the 18th running through most of next week.  I’ll put up another notice Friday but make a note.

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