Knife Control Crosses Atlantic

In the last few weeks I’ve posted several times encouraging vigilance regarding US Knife laws.  With the rash of fatal stabbings in London it’s brought the focus on knives and after reading the following article, Knife Control Crosses Atlantic I hope we keep our eye on the issue in the US.

A couple of weeks a go we had a really sad event occur in an elementary school right here in Minnesota where an 8 year old brought a kitchen knife to school and slashed 3 students.  So I guess based on the logic of the parent in Texas, if we’re going to ban Bowie Knives we’d better do the same with kitchen knives, no?

In an even sadder situation, last week we had a mother and and adult son murdered with a pipe wrench just 20 miles from where I’m sitting.  So do we ban pipe wrenches or all wrenches?  If only the solutions were so simple.

But two of the worst crimes were two separate incidents just a couple of weeks ago involving  the deaths of a 6 year old and a 3 year old from child abuse.  Both of the cases within 100 miles of where I live.  I really hope there’s a special corner of hell specially reserved for people like these.

The point of sharing these horrific events, even though they had nothing to do with knives, is to illustrate that mayhem and murder can take place with whatever weapon or object might be at hand.  Ban every sharp, blunt, heavy, pointy object you want and the evil mind will find an alternative.

I found it morbidly amusing in Pennsylvania when an Erie School District handed out little 18″ bats to the teachers.  The superintendent  said the bats were ‘symbolic’ and not really intended to be used in self defense.  What the hell was the point???  It’s the same old tune…‘at least we’re doing something‘.  Tell ya what, here’s another example of totally worthless symbolism:Image result for No gun zone poster

How’s that been working out for you?

Having held an FFL in the past I’ve tried to stay on top of the anti-gun movement and while supporting reasonable legislation, I have no illusion that there’s a simple answer to ANY crime.  What I’ve done is written letters and made phone calls to representatives and local radio talk shows.  Anything to try to educate, influence and keep the discussion factual.   Violent crime stirs up emotion and when emotion takes over the discussion, logic flies out the window.  To prevent that from happening we all have to stay involved and engaged.

If you think that little 3″ folding knife in your pocket can’t/won’t be a target in the future, you’re kidding yourself.


2 thoughts on “Knife Control Crosses Atlantic

  1. I agree with every word Greg, it’s violent behaviour that should be banned but then again it is already illegal.
    People are endlessly inventive when it comes to killing each other, they only use knives here because firearms are so hard to get. Does that mean firearms legislation works, well I guess it depends on your point of view but one thing is for sure it hasn’t stopped people being killed. Get rid of knives and they will find something else to bash each other with.

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