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London Knife Laws Update

Just one short week ago I posted a note about the murder rate in London which I felt would be the impetus for new and even tougher knife laws.  This is one time I really hate to be right.  Take a moment to read the article in the Daily Wire.

I don’t profess to have any real knowledge of the legal system in the UK or the what the will of the the UK citizenry is regarding this crack down.  What I do know is this has the appearance of another politician bending to the will of an emotional demand that something be done in response to a horrible situation.  Logic be damned.

First the London Mayor bends to the will of the minority by earlier restricting the stop and frisk policy for fear of offending a minority group.  Now, he not only reverses this stance but tweets out:

Mayor of London



No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.

Seriously….”...there is never a reason to carry a knife.”  Lets extend that logic and cut down the number of deaths by drunk drivers and say ” there’s never a reason to be able to purchase, consume or possess more then a single 12 oz can of beer each day”.   And when we talk about stop and frisk laws being discriminatory, if it’s determined a rash of crimes are being committed by short, obese, red haired, older white men with a limp…. PROFILE THEM ALL!!

What should further scare the  entire UK populous is the following:  “The U.K. government is expected to introduce a ban on online knife sales and home knife deliveries, declare it “illegal to possess zombie knives and knuckledusters in private” — “zombie knives” are those defined as being manufactured for the purpose of being used as a person-to-person weapon..”

Does this proposal infer that you can possess a “zombie” knife in public but not in private?  And what in the hell defines a “person-to-person weapon”?  Fair warning to our British friends, that phrase “person-to-person weapon” is about as nebulous as the definition of an “assault rifle”.  It would seem to this simple mind that if the blade points away from me and toward you, that’s person to person.

Banning online knife sales and home deliveries is nothing short of amazing.   So if you live in the countryside and you want to buy your wife a new $10 bread knife from Switzerland, your only option will be to drive 20, 30, 40 miles to a store selling Swiss made bread knives.  I would further assume you’ll have to purchase some sort of secure carry case that can be closed, locked and placed in an area of the vehicle which isn’t readily accessible to the occupants of the vehicle.  And most probably apply for an import permit.

And while the pols are at it, why not pass some sort of licensing/permit requirement.  Maybe 8-10 hours of knife safety training.  Another 8-10 hours of legal counseling explaining the rights and limitations of knife ownership.  Further regulate how sharp you can keep your knives.  Possibly require a locked drawer in the kitchen where you store them.  Better yet, have some sort of central government storage facility to keep your larger kitchen knives secure and only release them to you for the holidays or special occasion under close monitoring.  And of course, regulate how many knives you can purchase each year.

I have absolutely no doubt the miscreants currently creating mayhem with knives will immediately comply with all elements of the new laws.  Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.

While I make these comments tongue in cheek it’s not a laughing matter.  We saw a ban on switchblade knives in a knee jerk reaction to a Broadway play decades ago.  Today, we have the gang members of MS-13 gaining notoriety for using knives and machetes to murder and mutilate their victims.  I’ll predict it’s a matter of time and we’ll see tougher knife laws revisited in the US to “combat crime”.

This past week we heard about the city of Deerfield, IL, pass a law banning the sale or possession of the dreaded “assault weapon” and large capacity magazines within the city.  Failure to surrender said weapon will result in a $1000 per DAY fine.  My read of the law says that would include my old Remington .22 with a ‘fixed’ tube magazine that will hold around 12 rounds of 22 shorts.

And just about the time I’m getting my blood pressure under control, I read the headline about gun control fanatic New York Mayor DeBlasio’s top aide getting arrested for possession of a loaded handgun.  Any bets this “high level Deputy Director” gets to walk?  I’m sure it was just a ‘mistake’ and of course someone in her high level of responsibility is exempt from this type of prosecution.   People of wealth, power and position need not be concerned.

John, my friend…. good luck to you.  I’d encourage you to move to this side of the Atlantic but I’m afraid we’re on the same slippery slope here.

4 thoughts on “London Knife Laws Update

  1. “We have met the enemy – and he is us.”

    – Pogo

  2. Greg, it’s just sad, isn’t it?
    There was an attempted burglary the other day the burglars were armed with a screwdriver apparently, stop and search wouldn’t work on that one I guess. Well, the twist here is that whilst one of the felons kept the householder downstairs the other one went upstairs to see what could be stolen, then the owner of the house turned the tables on the thief took the screwdriver and stabbed the villain to death. No knife in sight, the house owner was arrested and charged with the murder of course.
    The ban on online knife sales is because that way there will be no way that youngsters will be able to get their hands on knives, do you believe that will happen? Just like children can’t get access to alcohol or drugs or tobacco. Firearms laws are very strict here but villains still get access to guns and people are shot, just like the young girl who was killed in London last week.
    There was a guy on the radio today saying that stop and search was unfair because “middle-aged white ladies are never chosen” I guess when gangs of old ladies start mugging people in the street then they may be picked on for stop and search.
    The main problem I think is that these days in the UK a knife means a weapon, the Mayor of London would very likely never had a pocket knife or indeed the use for one. When he hears the word knife it conjures up visions of Crocodile Dundee, or a machete-wielding thug. When they think of knives bought over the internet then the impression is of a sinister weapon rather than a Fallkniven or a GEC pocket knife, because they have never seen or heard of either of them.
    Personally, I see no way back from this situation because there are far too few of us who have a legitimate interest in, or knowledge of, good quality, useful and still just about legal knives.

    1. What you’re saying is happening here as well. Sadly I’m afraid that apathy will be prevail and one day we’ll all sit back, look around at the current situation and ask how in the hell did this happen. Right now the youth of the US are being used by the politicians as tools to promote gun control. When they’re questioned on the issue their pool of knowledge proves to be frighteningly shallow. On the other hand we’re trying to figure out how to keep these youth from swallowing Tide Soap Pods and snorting condoms up their nose and pulling them out of their mouths. It appears the inmates may be overtaking control of the asylum.

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