Weekly Update & Hurricane Sale 9.22.17

Thanks for the response on the Hurricane Sale and I’ll try to get a few more clean up items on there today.  Living where I do, it’s a little hard to imagine the devastation those affected are experiencing.  I’m going to keep the Hurricane Sale going for a few more days to raise a little more money.

I also added a couple of items to the “Used” category.  One item is the Cattaraugus “Yukon”.  Its really a cool old knife and quite hard to come by.

Cattaraugus King of the Woods “Yukon”

It’s pretty amazing how much stuff you can accumulate without really realizing you have it!  What’s even more amazing is looking at it and realizing just exactly what you might or might not have.

Not much for new arrivals this week other then the Baby Doctor Knives and the Large Stockman from Queen.   The one item I was happy to have show up is the wood for the upcoming Trestle Pine Gunflint.

Trestle Pine Gunflint Handle Material

The small slabs above are from the left, KOA, Old Growth Redwood and Hawaiian Mango.  I don’t have the photographic skill to show the true beauty of these woods, but they are gorgeous.  The real surprise is the Mango.  I’ve never seen it in hand before but it is going to be one great looking handle.

Unfortunately, a lot of the ‘exotic’ handles will be in relatively small quantities of under 10 pieces. Some of the high grade wood can be as expensive as stag.  So when I find a new wood to experiment with, I’m always reluctant to buy too much at a time in fear that it may not turn out as good as anticipated.  The Curly KOA is always a winner if you stay with the higher grade.  The Old Growth Redwood and Mango were unknowns so I stayed pretty conservative on them.  I’m still learning!!!  Latest word is we’re still on schedule for a late October delivery of the Gunflint.

I had a fun email exchange with a new Trestle Pine customer bemoaning the fact he’s never found a need for a screwdriver/caplifter on a pocket knife.  This had held him up on purchasing the Topper.  Once we discussed the fact that a screwdriver isn’t necessarily just a screwdriver he finally gave in and bought a couple of knives.  We agreed to refer to the aforementioned screwdriver as simply an ‘auxiliary tool’.  That is,… pry bar, poking tool, paint can opener, etc.  So far, I think he’s pretty happy with his purchases.

While I did give in to some pressure and dropped the screwdriver on the Gunflint, I was also looking at a slightly slimmer profile.  Most folks that have actually used the Superior like it’s slim profile in the pocket and I think the Gunflint is going to have a similar feel.  I’ve never felt the Topper to be bulky when I carry it but if like my friend, you don’t need/want the screwdriver this should kill two birds with one stone.

I’m going to slip away this weekend to chase Prairie Dogs one last time this year .  We’ve had some wet weather the last week and it sounds like we may get more rain this weekend.  That’s just the way the way it goes sometimes so we’re gonna make the best of it.  I’ll just make sure to pack plenty of cigars and coffee.  Always good to get away from the phone for a  couple of days!

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