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Weekly Update : Upcoming Field Trip to Trestle Pine Country

It’s that time of year to take the annual field trip to Trestle Pine Country.  I’m working on getting things packed up and making sure I’ve got a few spare blades to try out in the field.  The recently released Topper is already in my pocket and ready to go!

Trestle Pine Topper

I’m also taking one of the Topper prototypes Queen built for me with the CPM154 Wharncliffe blade.  The look and feel is outstanding and I’m anxious to try it out.  Since I put the pictures of the Proto’s on the blog, I’ve been surprised at the number of inquiries I had about running the Topper with a Wharncliffe.  Could happen!

There wasn’t much for new items to arrive this week but there are some new items showing up by the time I get back!  New from Queen that is.  GEC is back in SFO mode.  I’ve had numerous requests for the 25 Northfield Barlows and TC Barlows and sorry folks, I have/had none.  GEC cut all of the regular dealers out of the Northfield 25’s and gave the entire run to a single dealer.  Enough said on that subject.

Congratulations to Queen on their show last weekend.  The Titusville, PA newspaper had a front page article you might want to check out:  Titusville Herald.

Queen Cutlery knife exhibit draws crowd from across the country, globe

Otherwise, I’m going to keep this weeks update brief as I’ve got a lot to do before I escape tomorrow.    I’ll be putting up a separate post, but be advised you’ll be able to place orders in the store next week, but I won’t be doing any shipping until next Friday 8/25/17.

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