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Weekly Update 7.28.17 Trestle Pine Topper, Grand Daddy Barlow, etc

Had a great week with my buddy Isaiah.  Lots of fishing, golf, fishing, tubing and a little more fishing.  The weather was great and we both had a lot of fun.

This forenoon I uploaded the #71 Schatt & Morgan Grand Daddy Barlow’s.  Great looking knives.  There are Smooth Blue Bone and a Black Micarta.

#71 Grand Daddy Barlow

I’ve had an order of #01 Swayback Jacks on my desk for over a week that I’ve been meaning to get to.   I’ll try to get a few more of them up yet today.

I’m working on getting all of the Trestle Pine Topper sorted out and packaged up.  I’ve started using the white tubes for the knives as I had a number of people prefer the original labels that I used on the first run of the Superior.  Personally, I liked the label on the boxes as well, but thought I’d give the zippered cases a shot.  I’ll be intermixing them as we go along, but the tubes will be the choice for now.  The larger tube makes it possible to use a larger label which in turn, is easier to read.

Next week is the big week of the summer.  My family comes up for a few days of fun together.   We’ll have a houseful of around 15 people and I can’t wait.  Unfortunately, a nephew and a great nephew won’t make it this year but on the plus side I have a niece coming that I rarely get to see.   And of course I’m looking forward to Butch and Sundance arriving with the rest of the Wild Bunch.   As a result, next week is probably going to be a bit unproductive on the work front and that’s fine with me!


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