#3 EXP Mountain Man Auto Details and Early Orders

Let’s start out by sharing a few details about the new #3 EXP Mountain Man Auto from Queen / Schatt & Morgan Cutlery.  They have taken the original mechanism used on the John Henry #71 Express Auto and applied it to the popular Schatt & Morgan Mountain Man.

The Mountain Man at 4.5″ OAL closed is considerably more compact then the John Henry #71 Express which is 5.5″ OAL closed.  The more compact size results in an easier operated opening mechanism while still providing a substantial work knife.  Both knives come with a 1095 blade.

The scheduled ship date is the first part of June, coinciding with the Blade Show.  I will start shipping paid early orders for the #3 EXP Mountain Man as soon as they arrive.  Here are the handle options and anticipated production quantities  released last night.

  • Ironwood  50
  • Orange Maple Burl   50
  • Golden Maple Burl   50
  • Worm Groove Bone   50
  • Rams Horn    50
  • “Mixed” Shock Wood   50

Here is the link to place an Early Order for the above options:  #3 EXP Mountain Man Early Order.  I haven’t included the “Mixed” Shock Wood on the early order page as I have no idea what the Shock Wood will be or the quantity of each I’ll get.

Hopefully this link will work to get you to the YouTube video short of the #3 EXP Mountain Man in action.

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