Some Follow Up, New Releases and Queen Quality

Friday’s blog post resulted in quite a few email exchanges and a few phone calls that deserve some follow up.  It’s always interesting how quiet things are for long stretches of time and then….I hit on a topic that brings out all kinds of comments.  Just about the time I’m assuming nobody really gives a rip I find out there’s a whole lot of folks thinking similar thoughts.  But not everyone.

The sole voice that didn’t 100% agree said it sounded like I was whining about not participating in the SFO frenzy.   Absolutely not the case.  That was a personal decision I’ve never regretted.  Oddly enough, this business is about more to me than just the money.  It’s about finding and selling stuff that is reasonably priced, quality goods that perform.

To sum up the feedback I got, there’s a whole bunch of folks that are growing weary of the SFO frenzy and the resultant irrational price inflation.

New releases this week included the Schatt & Morgan #54 1/2 Whittlers, 1L Swing Guards and the #26 Stockman Whittlers.  Great looking knives, all.

#26 Stockman Whittler
1L Swing Guard
#54 1/2 Whittler

I really hope if you haven’t looked at Queen for a while due to quality issues, reconsider them.  There have been some major changes internally and between Ryan, Jeff Schley and Ashley Nottingham, they’re building a team that is working together and good things are happening.

This last group of knives that came in are great examples of the current quality.  The fit and finish is obviously better.   Gaps and significant chipping around the pins is vastly reduced.  Side play has become something rarely encountered as well.

My only criticism on the recent releases are I like the smaller blades a bit sharper.  From past experience, I’ve yet to find many knife companies that ship a knife with edges on their blades I’m totally satisfied with.  If that’s the biggest issue I encounter, I can deal with that.

Keep up the good work!!!



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