Weekly Update 4.6.17 New Trestle Pine Coming in May!

This was a long week waiting for the ice to go out so an Ice Out winner could be announced.  Other then a few more GEC Weasels coming through there isn’t a whole lot to update you on regarding ‘new arrivals’.

I see the GEC 54’s are on the production schedule primarily made up of SFO’s.   My read is that there will be 3 options in the Tidioute regular run 54’s and 7 SFO options.  My understanding is that all of the Northfield tang stamps are in the form of SFO’s reserved for one distributor.  The 38’s are on the schedule as well and I’m not sure if those are on an allocated basis or what they’re doing with them.   Anymore I just wait to see what they ship me.

There are some interesting items coming through from Queen in the near future.  One of the more interesting one’s will be a very short run of the Swing Guards with Mammoth Ivory handles.  There will also be some #54 Whittlers coming in with 1095 blades.

It’s a ways down the road, but late May you’ll see the next Trestle Pine release as well as a new release of the fixed blade Trestle Pine Buddy.  The Buddy will be fitted with some gorgeous exotic woods and finished with Mosaic Pins.  I’ve had a small group of select Buddy’s in reserve that have traveled to gun shows with me that are sold out, so I’m anxious to get the new one’s in.

The next new item in the Trestle Pine line will be a Gunstock pattern called the “Topper”.  A couple of years ago I EDC’d a Gunstock and absolutely loved the pattern.  The knife just fit my hand right and was easy to carry.  It had a D2 blade which was tougher then nails.  For some time I’ve thought it would be a great pattern to tweak with the Trestle Pine tang stamp and this winter I finally settled on what I wanted to do with it.

It’s going to be in the 3 3/4″ OAL closed range.  Blade configuration will be the standard Clip blade but as far as I know, this will be the first Gunstock ever released with a CPM  S30V blade.  The other major change to the traditional Gunstock pattern is the addition of the screwdriver/cap lifter that was used on the Grand Portage.  Again, I don’t think there’s been a Gunstock built with the Screwdriver/Cap Lifter option.

I love these powdered steels and the blade performance from the Trestle Pine CPM154 and 154CM  has been great.  The S30V steel was a collaborative effort involving Chris Reeve and Crucible industries.  It is a specialty steel that was created specifically to make knife blades and it is a gem of a steel.  I have a friend with a  Buck fixed blade featuring an S30V blade.  Every Fall I touch up the edge for him and find it’s no more difficult to work with than the CPM series and much easier to work with than D2.  Edge retention is fantastic.

The cap lifter is a tool I use a lot on the Grand Portage.  Over the years I’ve owned a number of SAK’s and personally,  the screwdriver / cap lifter is the most commonly used tool other then the blade.  It works great as is or with a bit of common sense, patience and discretion you can make some useful mods to it.  A small grinding/cutting wheel on your Dremel tool can create a very practical wire stripper along the edge of the screwdriver blade.  I’ve asked that in production they keep the top corners on the screwdriver blade as sharp and square as possible for use with a FireSteel.  If need be, simply dress the corners with a file for a nice crisp edge.  The Trestle Pine’s are made to be used.

Handle options will include the Old Growth woods as well as some incredibly nice looking exotics from Mike Ludeman at WSSI in Iowa.  He has yet to let me down!  AND…..there are going to be a very limited run with Mammoth Ivory handles.  I’m talking limited like maybe 3 or 4.

Until next week, I plan to enjoy the spring weather.  Hope you folks down south get your weather settled down a bit from what you’ve been having!!!  Have a good weekend.

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