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2017 Ice Out Contest Winner! finally…

I can’t recall having it take so long for the ice to clear out as it’s taken this year.  In fact, there’s still a slab of ice over a mile long on the NE shoreline that is probably going to take another 36-48 hours to break up.  But, since the latest entry date was for 2:30PM today, 4/6/17 there is no sense is putting off announcing that

  • rarreola  4/6  2:30PM

is officially recognized as the winner of the 2017 Ice Out Contest.  Congratulations!!!  You have a new Trestle Pine Superior on it’s way to you.

Trestle Pine Superior CPM154 Blade

The one exciting feature of this years ice out was the formation of the crystals of ice we saw in the last week.

Ice Crystals

They’re really unique and not something you get to see every year.  I don’t totally understand how they’re formed, but I do know it’s pretty cool when you get to see them.

Thanks to all of you for participating in this years contest and hope you may have gotten a little insight into how easy it is to keep us entertained in this part of the world!  After spending months living in a monochrome world that blue water almost hurts our eyes.

4 thoughts on “2017 Ice Out Contest Winner! finally…

  1. Congrats rarreola!

  2. Congratulations rarreola! You are going to love that TP Superior, and I am officially green with envy.

  3. Thank you all and Greg for this contest.

    1. My pleasure. Thanks to you and everyone else that participated.

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