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Ice Out Contest Update 2017

The Ice Out conditions are changing fairly quickly!  I took a drive around the lake yesterday and you can see the ice is getting pretty black.

Ice Conditions 3.26.17

I’m not going to make any predictions, but I don’t think we have too much longer for open water.  It’s supposed to be in the 50’s the next few days with temps barely touching freezing at nite and those overnite temps make a difference.  Winds are predicted to be light, but the warm air will make up for it.

Here’s a listing of “best estimates”.  I have to give everyone credit for apparently doing at least a little homework.  Everyone stayed within a pretty tight range of what I think is probably going to include the actual date.  Check your entry and make sure it’s correct!!

  • Medic6488  3/25  10:00AM
  • JH  3/28  4:00PM
  • John B  3/29  2:00PM
  • Jeff  3/29  3:15PM
  • Pmek5  3/29  4:55PM
  • Dave O  3/30  6:01AM
  • Randy  3/31  5:00AM
  • BA  3/31  7:07PM
  • draggat  4/1  2:48PM
  • Syd  4/2  11:45AM
  • Asconte  4/2  11:57PM
  • P Slusser 4/3  5:00PM
  • C Hess  4/4  3:00PM
  • W Tatum 4/5  8:00AM
  • rarreola  4/6  2:30PM

2 thoughts on “Ice Out Contest Update 2017

  1. This is not directly related, but I thought it might be of interest. I was at the Badger Knife Club Show last weekend and had a talk with Ken and Courtney Daniels. Whenever I see Ken at a show he proudly shows off the knife that he’s currently carrying. One of the things I love about Ken is that he’s as much of a knife nut as the rest of us. Anyways, this week his carry was a Trestle Pine Superior. I thought it was telling that a man that owns his own knife factory and could carry any knife of his choosing chose to carry the Superior. He let me inspect it, and it was definitely a fine knife. Kudos to Greg.

    1. When I had the first run of the Superior built, I remember asking Ken how it looked coming off the line. He said it looked kinda funny with that blade sitting so high above the frame. It was pretty gratifying to have him tell me he was carrying one and had to admit it made a lot of sense once he started carrying one. I just finalized the next Trestle Pine project this morning and once again, I’m gonna try to shake things up a bit with this one. Not really shake things up as much as just putting a little different spin on things. More details coming soon

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