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Sharp knife, tight sheath and little patience

It’s always good to be able to share a learning experience and I hope someone can take a lesson from my own stupidity  misfortune.

Friday I had a bunch of new knives come in and I rushed to get them all listed in the store before the weekend.  When I take photo’s I always like to shoot the knife in the sheath to give you an idea how it fits.    I was down to the last knife and was preoccupied reading email, getting lined up for the final shot and trying to get the knife in a new stiff sheath.

First lesson, if you feel resistance sliding a knife into a sheath, STOP.  Pay attention and start over.  If you dont’, you run the risk of the following….

Yup, the blade will cut through the leather and anything else that’s in it’s path.  Got it?????

I’ll admit to being a bit of a slow learner, but usually, it only takes once.  So before anyone questions my intelligence (as did my wife) and asks me if I didn’t just do the same thing about a year ago, no.  It was a totally different situation.  That time I had a knife open at the halfway to half stop and foolishly stuck my finger between the blade and the frame while the blade snapped shut.  See?  Totally different situation.

The really embarrassing part of this incident is that when I got to the clinic, the nurse checked my chart and noted that I had been in last April for a similar incident.  To add insult to injury, the attending Dr was the same one that treated me last time as well.

The good news is there was no tendon involvement this time.  No splint or permanently bent finger.  A few stitches and I’m good as new.  My nephew did suggest it might be time to consider ‘giving up the keys’ and my wife is leaving band-aids and shop rags around the house for future incidents.

The second lesson, it’s a lot cheaper to go to the clinic instead of the E.R. And it’s nice to get on a first name basis with the nurses and Doc’s.

Stay safe!!!

Check out the Gems listed today

Yes, a little digging and I came up with a few gems to share.  Some of these came out of collections and a couple I just plain forgot I had.

This 53 Muskrat is an interesting piece.  It not only has some colorful Red Stag handles, but GEC only built 20 of them in 2007 and I don’t recall they were “Red Stag”.  In addition very few Genuine Stags are in circulation without serial numbers and this one is not numbered.

53M Northfield Genuine Red Stag 2007

The next is an incredibly great looking 734208LPJ.  2008 was a banner year from Great Eastern for high quality stag and this one is a terrific example.  Beautifully matched Burnt Stag.


And a major gem is a #36 finished in Mammoth Ivory.  Twelve of these were made and this one has some really pretty tan Mammoth Ivory slabs and the deep stamped “Un-x-LD” logo on the main blade.

362211 Mammoth Ivory

Great looking knife.

Yesterday I uploaded a few more of the Trestle Pine Superior’s that didn’t get listed earlier.  One of the knives that I kind of overlooked was the Blue Box Elder Burl Superior.  It’s a great match with the Brass Bolsters.

Blue Box Elder Burl Trestle Pine Superior

Seems like there’s always something that turns up from time to time.  Glad to share these!!



Gun Show Update What was selling…

This past weekend was the Fergus Falls Gun Show and it was a good one!  The weather was nice and people were out of the house and spending money.  It was really nice to see some of you blog followers able to make it by.

One of the main attractions was the ability to get a look at the Schatt & Morgan 71 Express knife.  Everyone that looked at it agreed it was an impressive piece of hardware.  The Red Shock Wood got a lot of attention and I hope we see the Shock Wood used on more patterns.  Very unique.

Schatt & Morgan 71 Express Red Shock Wood

I sold more knives than usual and was really pleased with the reaction to the latest release of the Trestle Pine Superior with the CPM154 blade.  Most people liked the look of the Brass bolsters as it really sets off the wood.  The guys that had never handled the knife liked the feel of the knife with the wharncliffe blade rather then the traditional clip point.  Looks different but feels great.  As one guy said, the wharncliffe ‘feels’ like it’s putting a lot more blade in the same size knife.

Trestle Pine Superior Black Ash Burl

Older Copperhead (L) and First Run Superior (R)

My best seller was the Trestle Pine Buddy.  I’ve had these at other shows but for some reason, I had more lookers and buyers of them at this show then usual.  It’s a great size and a practical knife for most outdoor chores.

Trestle Pine Buddy

The higher end figured woods were the most popular.  Going into spring I’m going to have more of the Trestle Pine Buddy’s finished and I think the exotic woods will be the focus.  On the initial run I had a few made with Mosaic pins highlighting the highly figured woods.  Those were very popular and I may go that route on the next run as well.

Black Gold Boxelder Burl

I enjoy the opportunity to talk to consumers at the shows and get their honest feedback.  Rather then the one sided sided online sniping about quality or selection, I get the opportunity to actually engage the disgruntled and discuss their concerns.  In the past few months it’s been fun to physically place one of the recent Queen knives in a customers hands and have them check the quality.  Prime examples are my Trestle Pine Superior’s, the Mammoth Ivory Executive Jacks AND the recent 3T Mountain Man.  Since Jeff came on board at Queen the quality has been steadily improving.  The aforementioned Executive Jacks are a great example.  Some of the finest blade polishing, centering and overall fit and finish you could ask for.  Glad to see it happening!

I’m reaching the point where I find the shows a lot more fun then the online sales.  That ability to show and tell is such a powerful tool to get a point across.  Recently a Great Eastern knife came back with a blade tip sitting ever so slightly to high.  The customer had his shorts in a knot and felt it was sub par for a knife in that price range and demanded a refund.  In a face to face situation, you can explain the issue, a few quick passes with a stone the problem’s resolved and everyone goes home happy.

The next local show is coming up in late April at the Detroit Lakes, MN Armory.  I wish more of you were within driving distance.  There’s a lot we could learn from each other!!!




So What’s going on?

What’s going on?  I haven’t had much time to post regular updates the last couple of weeks for one thing.  My 94 year old father-in-law took a couple of falls recently and his health deteriorated rapidly until his death last week.  We’ve traveled back and forth to Iowa over the last couple of weeks and things got put on the back burner.  I appreciate everyone’s patience for the resulting delays in shipping and response time.

In between, the GEC 71 Bullnose knives came through and believe they’re completed.  The Red and Burgundy were fast movers but I do have a good supply of the OD Green, Black and Nifebrite in stock.  After the series of SFO’s I believe GEC moves onto production of the 13 Congress’.

I’ve had a number of requests for reservations the 13 Congress and once again, due to the fact I have no idea how many I’ll be getting, I’m not taking any early orders.  It’s been frustrating that GEC has been building more of these allocated runs making it impossible to predict what I’ll have for inventory.  But, you have to give them credit for controlling how many knives are out there.

This weekend there is a gun show in Fergus Falls, MN.  If you can make it, both the Mammoth Ivory Executive Jacks and some of the John Henry 71 Express knives both knives will be on display.

Most of the folks that have gotten these two knives in hand have loved them.  You can’t appreciate what a piece of heavy duty hardware the 71 Express is until you have it in hand.  The Mammoth Ivory is so much prettier then the pictures show and the fit and finish is top notch.  The really good news is I’ll have more of the 71 Express knives with Stag handles on Thursday.  Just in time for the show.

Mammoth Ivory Executive Jack

First Run Stag John Henry 71 Express

The John Henry Express has been a fun knife to sell and has led to some interesting conversations.  Yesterday I was reminded that I believe this is the only Schatt & Morgan auto that’s been built.  Queen had an auto years ago that wore the Queen logo, but not a S&M.  I was also asked why Queen doesn’t include a COA with the knives and had a brief exchange with Ken as to why not.  The short answer is that in the event more handle material of the same type became available, things can change.  The best example is a run of 25 stag could become a run of 27 or 28 if some larger pieces of stag became available a month down the road.  Burl woods are notorious for breaking during construction and an anticipated run of 40 can become a run of 30.  And maybe 6 months later that can change.  On the positive side, I haven’t seen a ‘short run’ turn into a ‘long’ run.

Someone else asked about serial numbers.  A couple of years ago collectors seemed a lot more interested in collecting ‘specific’ serial numbers then they do today.  Personally, it seems like serial numbers have dropped in popularity.  From watching secondary market sales, it doesn’t appear the serial numbers have much affect on the prices.

It’s been an adjustment to retire my Trestle Pine Grand Portage for one of the new Superiors.  I’ve grown really attached to the GP but wanted to use the Superior with the new CPM154 blade.  The original Superior had a 154CM blade that’s great but the performance of the GP CPM blade was a ‘must try’.  More on this later, but so far, I love it.

Trestle Pine Superior Black/Gold Buckeye Burl

As a reminder for this weekend, drop by the National Guard Armory in Fergus Falls, MN this weekend.  The Schatt & Morgan John Henry Express, Mammoth Ivory Executive Jack and more will be on display!!  Hope to see some of you there.


John Henry Express IN STOCK Stag is coming!!!!

Just a very quick weekly update with more to follow, but the John Henry Express knives are in stock.  Pre-ordered knives shipped out today.  And the really good news is there are going to be a limited quantity of Stag available.  I don’t know the actual number of Stag yet, but I have entered an early order option for the first 10.  Hopefully, there are more then that coming but until they arrive….

There are also Leopard Wood and Desert Ironwood that I will upload individual photos into the store tomorrow.  Here’s a photo to give you an idea what they look like.

The Red Shockwood hasn’t come through yet, but I’m hopeful that they’ll be in next weeks shipment as well.

John Henry Express Update

Talked with Ryan and Ken this AM and the next run of John Henry Express knives will start shipping this week.

My understanding is this run will have Stainless liners.  There have also been a few tweaks and some of the minor issues noted on the first run were addressed.  It should make collector values interesting to watch as that first run was what I’d call a ‘prototype’ run.  Very limited quantities on brand new design.  Numbers won’t be a whole lot larger on this current run.  I’m not sure if there will be any discernible differences in appearance in the first and second runs.

I hung onto a Stag from the first run for myself.  Two offers have been made to buy it from me which were, shall we say, tempting.  There were only 23 of them built and I’m not aware at this time of any more stag coming through on the current run.

Another positive note is that I’ve been able to increase my order quantities.  I’ll update the quantities in the store once I have them in hand and also get some actual photo’s posted as well.  Which I hope will happen late next week!!  All early orders for the John Henry will ship as soon as they arrive.

Mammoth Ivory, Cigar Band Mountain Man, Trestle Pine

I started listing the Schatt & Morgan Mammoth Ivory Executive Jacks today.  There’s a great variety of smooth, black, tan, fractured, bark mammoth ivory to choose from.  Queen did a fantastic job finishing these.

Queen also slid a very short run of around 20 each of their Schatt & Morgan 3T Mountain Man knives through this week.  They used a Dyed Maple Burl in Green, Orange and ‘Golden”.  Fabulous looking knives with the S&M Cigar Band and 1095 blades.  Queen is doing an outstanding job of getting a handle on their quality.

There are still a few more handle options of the Trestle Pine Superiors to be uploaded.  Just a lot of things happening all at once!

Which reminds me, there’s a box from GEC sitting on the floor with some of the 71 Bullnose and Hunters to be uploaded.  If it doesn’t happen today, I’ll try to get them loaded tomorrow.