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New Additions to the Store

More new additions went into the store this morning and there are a couple of true gems.  The first is a 48 Templar with End of Day handle material is a one of a kind knife.


48 Templar 'End of Days' one of a kind
48 Templar ‘End of Days’ one of a kind

There is also a Whaler which we don’t see show up for sale very often.  And there are several more to come.

46 Whaler Cocobolo
46 Whaler Cocobolo
735212 Burnt Stag
735212 Burnt Stag

In addition, I filled in some voids in the Fallkniven lineup.  One that really stood out is the TK3 TreKroner with Cocobolo Wood handles.


One addition I’m really tempted to try out personally is a Bark River Blackwater II Boot knife with the Elmax Steel blade.  Being a steel junkie of sorts, I’ve read about it and it sounds like a fantastic blade for the price.  Tough, holds an edge and easy to sharpen (all things considered).   It sounds like it has a lot of the characteristics of 154CM, but better.

Black Water II Elmax
Black Water II Elmax

The Beer Scouts are continuing to dribble in.  There’s going to be a surplus available in the store so don’t worry if you missed out on the pre-orders.  The Draft Beer acrylic has been a great looking handle.

Beer Scout 'Draft Beer' Acrylic
Beer Scout ‘Draft Beer’ Acrylic

More new additions will be coming through the week so don’t forget to check the “Recently Added Products” category in the storefront.

2 thoughts on “New Additions to the Store

  1. You really need to field test the Elmax on that Blackwater II.
    If you don’t you will never know.

    You know you want to……..

    1. Believe me, if I had a northern trip on the calendar it would go with!!

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