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Tom’s Choice ~ WWP Auction!

Friday is Veteran’s Day and as I’ve done for the past few years, it’s time to have another auction to raise some funds for the WWP (Wounded Warrior Project).  I acquired a number of the Tom’s Choice Barlows in a collection I purchased and based on their popularity, thought this might be a good choice for the auction.  dsc_4736 dsc_4737

The handle material is Antique Amber Saw Cut Bone.  Knife is new in the original tube.

Here’s how the auction works.

  • Submit a bit by leaving a ‘comment’ to this blog post.  Do NOT email me your bid, it won’t get entered!!!.
  • Please bid in at least $5 increments.
  • Bid entries must be posted by Midnite CST 11/11/2016
  • Bidding starts immediately!!!
  • 100% of the winning bid proceeds will be donated the Wounded Warrior Project

I think what the WWP does for our wounded veterans is great and support their efforts by holding the occasional auction and donating the proceeds from the sale of the GEC collector buttons.  If you’re not familiar with their activities, I encourage you to check them out.  Even if you’re not interested or don’t win the auction, consider making a donation to their effort.

Good Luck!!!

7 thoughts on “Tom’s Choice ~ WWP Auction!

  1. Thank you for supporting a good cause.

    I don’t see any comments yet, here’s my starting bid $65.00

    1. Thanks for the opening bid!! Just a reminder to everyone, if your bid doesn’t immediately show up, not to be concerned. Your comments need to be approved before they show up to keep the spammers out.

  2. Thank you TSA for your generosity toward our loving Veterans. I had the privilege of working with our Veterans for over 10 years. As a wife of a knief enthusiastic, I would like to bring this beauty home for my husband. Again 😊. My bid is 100.00.
    Mrs. Mike K

  3. A beautiful knife. A good cause. My bid is $140!

  4. Thank you, Greg, for sponsoring a fundraiser for such a worthy cause. Wounded Warrior Project is awesome! I would like to bid $200.

    1. Congratulations!!! Randall B is the winner with a generous bid of $200!!

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