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Weekly Update 7.22.16

These weekly updates seem to come closer together every week!!  I’m not sure if we started shortening the weeks to 6 days instead of 7 but it sure feels like it.  It’s another case of summer sliding by before we know what’s happening.

The GEC 14’s continue to trickle in and hopefully should finish up fairly soon.  I know there are a ton of SFO’s coming through so it’s going to take a while.  It’s starting to look like GEC may have finally come close to matching demand with production.  From the looks of things most dealers have extras in inventory.

As promised, I did get the rest of the knives from the collection I picked up listed in the store this week.  There were some really incredibly nice pieces in this group like the following.

GEC #23 Good N Plenty
GEC #23 Good N Plenty
GEC 362208 Jumbo Stag
GEC 362208 Jumbo Stag
Tuna Valley / GEC Cotton King
Tuna Valley / GEC Cotton King
Schatt & Morgan Presidents Choice Proto
Schatt & Morgan 2002 Presidents Choice Prototype


This is rather neat Prototype as I don’t believe this was the final version that was released for the President’s Choice Knife in 2002.  It is indeed a ‘prototype’.   The shield is different and the laser etching on the back didn’t make it to the final run.  If you look closely at the pins in the second photo, you can see they had lasered a spot where the pins were to be set.  I’m not sure if the intent was for this to act as an outline around the pin or why it was done.

It’s hard to find a quality collection like this for sale with any regularity.  And it’s really fun to be able to actually get to buy a group of knives like these.  If you have a collection you’re interested in selling, know of anyone wishing to liquidate their collection or if you here of an estate situation, drop me a note.

I had a short conversation with Chris this past week and it sounds like there’s an outside chance they may get to the 15’s before late fall.  They have a bunch of SFO’s to run but most of them are single blade projects which go together fairly quick, so with any luck…

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  1. Greg, Great photos, love the Jumbo Stag. These 14’s are a great blue jean watch pocket carry. The single blade models are almost unnoticeable, I imagine sooner or later my wife will grab jeans for the wash and if I am not vigilant removing them before taking off jeans I’ll find out how they hold up going through the wash/dry cycle.

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