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New Additions to the Store

I’ve been adding some new additions to the storefront from a couple of collections and I wanted to let you get a flavor for some of the knives in the group.  This Tuna Valley Lock Back Trapper has probably some of the nicest popcorn stag I’ve seen in several years.

Tuna Valley Lock Back Trapper
Tuna Valley Lock Back Trapper

There were also a couple of GEC Cotton Sampler Proto’s that were added as well.  Just one of the Krack a Jack Cotton Samplers was added but I do have several more that I’ll put in later this week.

Finally, there should be a few single blade #14 Boys Knives available in the store after the reservations were filled.  These have been coming in, in small batches and I believe I got the last of the 14 single blades today.  Along with them were a few of the Nifebrite two blades (which were sent out to fill pre-orders).

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