Trestle Pine Knives Portage Update

Received word late last week that the Trestle Pine Knives Portage should ship the second week in March.  This is the Barlow and comes with a 154CM blade.  There was a holdup on tooling for the bolster and to expedite things, I decided to run this one without the bolster stamp.  The primary reason behind the decision is there will be a follow up knife coming in late May early June and I don’t want to push things too close together.

The Superior was the first effort at having a knife built that I felt was a quality EDC knife that would fit the purposes of anyone spending time in the outdoors.  The Wharncliffe blade sat high in the Copperhead frame making it easy to grab, even with a pair of gloves on.  I chose 154CM steel to assure a high resistance to staining or oxidation in a wet environment and ‘superior’ edge retention.  And of course, the handles were made from old growth wood that was recovered from the depths of the cold water northern lakes.  The total package was inspired by many years exploring the woods and Northshore of Lake Superior.

The Superior’s sold out faster than I had anticipated and the feedback has been great.   Choosing 154CM and combining it with the old growth wood seemed to be a winning combination.

The upcoming Portage is a Barlow that seemed like a natural for a daily outing in the wilderness or on the water.  For those not familiar with the term ‘portage’, it refers to the conveyance of a canoe/boat or supplies between two bodies of water, over land (and most likely, over some of the roughest land in the woods).  To go on an outing in a canoe that requires a portage between several bodies of water without a knife is an invitation to misery.   Some find a belt knife isn’t always comfortable when your spending most of your time sitting in a canoe, but who goes out without a knife?  You (I) seem to be in constant need of a small knife to cut cord for lashing items inside the canoe, cutting tie downs, a little whittling…. always a need.

Considering it’s almost impossible to spend any time on or near the water without getting wet, a stain resistant steel with superior edge retention is, for me, mandatory.  So like the Superior, the Portage will have a 154CM blade.

When it comes to handle material, the old growth wood is definitely in the mix.  However, after talking to folks and showing off a few Superiors that I had made with some exotic woods, I had such positive feedback I decided to add a few more to this run.   Here’s a rundown of the offerings that will be available.  Before anyone asks, at this time I’ve decided I will not be taking pre-orders on these.  

Old Growth Wood

  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Yellow Birch
  • Maple

Exotics (Very limited quantities)

  • Circassian Walnut
  • Redwood Burl
  • KOA wood
  • Black/Gold Double Dyed Boxelder
  • Black Ash Burl

I was originally a bit reluctant to run these with the higher end woods as the intent isn’t to try to build OMG knives, but rather damned good EDC knives.  In fact, I’ve even threatened to intentionally scratch the blades before shipping them just to make sure no one wastes their time looking for a safe queen.  I like a good looking knife as much as the next person, but these are being made to be used.

So, hopefully we’re just a few weeks out from having them start to ship.  Syd, I haven’t forgotten that you’ve got a free one coming and yours will be one of the first one’s shipped.    Hmmmm…. in fact, maybe I should get the 2015 Ice Out Contest going and offer up one of the Portage’s as the prize.  No?

4 thoughts on “Trestle Pine Knives Portage Update

  1. Great news, can’t wait to see it, thanks for the update. If you ask me I say “yes” to another contest, (could lightning strike me twice?). Any idea of what handle material I’ll be getting?
    Another possible issue is that I may be out of state caring for an ill relative around shipment time, so if I have to I might have to get you a different mailing address; I will let you know about that.

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