New Releases from Queen Cutlery

LOTS of new stuff from Queen this week, starting with the Schatt & Morgan 69 Straight Jacks in both Elk and Stag.  Fit, finish and quality of the handle material is excellent.  These are built with purposeful springs that are firm but not excessively.

Schatt & Morgan Straight Jack
Schatt & Morgan Straight Jack

The 69 frame is a great size and fits the hand comfortably.  Good platform for a Trestle Pine Knife……


While the Folding Hunter is a bit large for my purposes, it should have a lot of appeal for hunters or anyone needing a bigger EDC knife.

Schatt & Morgan 44 Folding Hunter Buffalo Horn
Schatt & Morgan 44 Folding Hunter Buffalo Horn

And to round out the week is a 67 Half Whittler in Burnt Orange bone.  I’ll admit when I ordered these I was a bit hesitant about the color. BUT,  I do like it now that I’ve seen it up close and personal.

Schatt & Morgan Half Whittler Burnt Orange Bone
Schatt & Morgan Half Whittler Burnt Orange Bone

It’s been a busy couple of days getting caught up after being gone this past weekend.  Couple of you have emailed asking about the auction I attended and I promise to share some details Friday.  It was time well spent.

As a teaser, I’ll offer up a free bottle of FrogLube to the first reader that can identify this knife.  Dave, Donnie and John are disqualified as we’ve talked about it already.  Just post a response to this post with the correct maker and model.


4 thoughts on “New Releases from Queen Cutlery

    1. Congratulations!!! We have a winner. Drop me an email with your mailing address and I’ll get some FrogLube off to ya!

      I figured “FrogLube” was an appropriate award for anyone that knew it was the Frogman Defender.

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