Weekly Update 2.12.16

Still patiently waiting for the next delivery of Vipers to arrive.  I thought they’d be here mid week, but not sure what the holdup is.  Patience, they’ll get here.

Also waiting on news regarding the much anticipated Trestle Pine Knives Barlow (to be called the “Portage”).  Started this project back in October and still don’t have a firm delivery date.  Its getting frustrating as I have the concept for the next knife to follow the Barlow ready to go as well.  My goal is to have 4-6 Trestle Pine releases this year and with any luck and a little pushing….. it’ll happen.

I was working on an Ad with Jan C this morning and I ended up dragging out some old notes and maps from many years ago.  This is the time of year when your thoughts start turning to summer and this really got my heart pounding.  There were coffee stains and handwritten notes on the borders that I can still remembering writing.


This is just a small piece of the area we’ve fished over the years in that part of Minnesota.  Over the course of roughly 40 years, I’ve put a lure in the water on 40+ of the lakes in that country.

Each of the squares on the map represent 1 square mile or 640 acres.  Consider there’s over 1 million square acres within the confines of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and roughly 190,000 acres of that area is water.   Then consider in most of the area, no motorized vehicles are allowed.  I used to spend at least a month every year wandering around up there and now, oh how I regret squandering those other 11 months of the year working!

Next week I’m taking a few days to take in the auction down in Iowa to see if I can find a few bargains.  Wish I had the time to visit with Mike at WSSI to start picking out some more wood for the next Trestle Pine project, but just not gonna happen.  I don’t like to rush our visits too much as he’s got an incredible selection to choose from and being able to lay your hands on it before you buy is priceless.

Heads up for those of you that pre-ordered the Vipers in Snakewood, the mailman just left a box on the steps!  Later!!!

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