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Pre-Order Payments & Overseas Shipping Info

As the 47 Vipers have been coming in I’ve been sending out updated invoices with emails that your Pre-Order knives are in stock.  You’re also going to get a PayPal invoice for the balance due.  A few folks have been particularly slow making payment and are past the 72 hour drop dead payment due date.  This has happened before and was the reason I put the $10 deposit on reservations.  So, with no further ado I give fair warning, my finger is on the ‘place order now’ button for a box of Partagas Robusto’s.  Thank you!!

After I passed on the news about increased overseas shipping costs, a friend from Australia brought to my attention a couple of things I didn’t mention.   Sometimes you make the mistake of assuming everyone has the same information.  Let me explain.

Each item in the storefront has a ‘cost’ assigned for shipping charges.  What’s not explained is that we pro-rate shipping for multiple item orders.  When you overseas customers put several items in your cart, you may get cold chills to see that the postage charges for 2 or 3 smaller knives can come to $30+.   MOST of you go ahead and pay the full invoice and I calculate the actual shipping cost and refund the difference.  I’ll always refund any overcharges.

The second point is with the increased rates, the Post Office has generated what I call slot charges.  In other words, a 1 to 8 oz package ships for a fixed rate and a 9 to 14 oz package ships for another fixed rate.  Sometimes you can get two smaller knives in a package and slide under the 8 oz limit.  In the event you’re ordering a larger, heavier item, you can add another item or two to the invoice without moving into the next price slot.

Anytime I can save you some money on shipping, I’ll be glad to do what I can.  If you ever have any questions about combining shipments or total costs, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

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