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Weekly Update 1.15.16

The big Weekly Update news is those of us in the Northland are digging out the long underwear.  -10F this morning and it looks like we’re gonna stay below zero until the first of next week.  No one’s really complaining as it’s been an incredibly nice winter so far.  Unfortunately, this weekend kicks off our winter celebrations up here with snowmobile drag races with a predicted high temp of around -8F.  Might be a good weekend to pick up a good book!

A rather exciting development is a short run of the Trestle Pine Buddy fixed blades coming through in another week or two.  The production is limited to just a couple of each and they’ll have a mix of Koa Wood, Black/Gold double dyed Box Elder and some highly figured Black Ash.  The quality of these woods is absolutely outstanding and the preliminary production report has been the knives look fantastic.

Haven’t heard anything as to where the next Trestle Pine Knives folder is regarding production.  Last info I had was the end of January and I’m not anticipating any changes.  There are going to be approximately 25-30 knives included in this series with premium handle materials.  I hand picked 5 different woods that are really outstanding and the color and figure is what you would typically only expect to find on a custom knife.  I also tweaked the look of this knife a bit and can’t wait to get your reaction.

Queen has a new release coming through in the form of a Jumbo Half Whittler in Natural and Red Elk.  I’m guessing these could be showing up late next week.

Jumbo half whittler

I don’t’ anticipate much new coming from GEC other then the 47’s in various forms including a glut of SFO’s.  I’ve heard talk that there are a number of ‘new’ items in the works for 2016, but at this point the canine series (Beagles and Coyotes which we won’t see until April) are the only one’s I’m aware of.

The Trestle Pine Knives Superior are almost all gone so I’m anxiously awaiting the next release!  Next week I’ll pass along a few more details on the upcoming Trestle Pine Knives Barlow including the name and what’s behind the name.  Northern Minnesota has a rich and fascinating history dating back to the 1600’s.  This new knife will hopefully help convey a little of that history to some of you.

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  1. Stay warm, I spent the winter of ’13-’14 in Atlanta during the big freeze that shut down the south, I saw all the snow I ever want to see at that time, so you will have to enjoy the snowmobile races without me. One of those Trestle Pines will have my name on it, so I am wishing it was already February; very excited. Hopefully all that cold & snow won’t impede production. The fact that they will be handled in ancient recycled wood makes it even more exciting to me, can’t wait to hear which handle materials will be used.

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