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Wounded Warrior Project Auction coming up!

I haven’t had a fund raiser for the Wounded Warrior Project since the Beer Glass sale and with Veteran’s Day coming up, it’s about time for one.  When I had the Trestle Pine Knives Buddy built, there was a special knife in the group that was built specifically for a future Wounded Warrior Project Auction.

Our friend Dave from Knife Leather Traditions most generously donated some slabs of Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood along with some mosaic pins to be used on a future project.  Between the two of us, we thought having a knife built with the materials and auctioned off for our Wounded Warriors would be a worthy cause we both supported.

In the event you don’t know how expensive Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood is, check it out on the google.  It’s expensive and it’s gorgeous.  Many thanks go to Dave for this gift.

DSC_0199 DSC_0200 DSC_0202Slabs are ‘book ended’ for a back to back match.

Trestle Pine Knives Buddy Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood
Trestle Pine Knives Buddy Exhibition Grade Desert Ironwood

The pictures don’t do it just, but rest assured, it is a pretty knife.  It’ll come boxed with a sheath and the winner will be the envy of the deer camp!

I’ll probably kick off an online auction sometime next week.  There will be another post coming up with the rules and regs.  This is just giving you a heads up if you’re looking for a nice gift for yourself while helping our wounded vets with a hand up.

3 thoughts on “Wounded Warrior Project Auction coming up!

  1. Those Mosaic pins are a pattern called Prairie Clover. Notice the “clover” has 4 leaves. Which pretty much guarantees you Good Luck whenever you carry your Desert Ironwood Buddy with you.

    Something a bit Special for a very Special cause.

  2. What a beauty that is , well done guys !!

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