TSA Knives Weekly Update 8.28.15

Can NOT believe its Friday already!!!  I swear the weeks are getting shorter.

It’s actually been a fairly quiet week for new knives.  Other then the constant flow of 83’s that’s been about it and I think we’ve finally hit the end of them.  Nice knives and they’ve been selling well.

Midweek I shared some info on the next Trestle Pine Knives release and based on email responses, I think you’ll like it.  I’ve been really pleased the reaction to the blade steel was so positive.  This morning I asked for a quote on another folder to follow up the “Superior” copperhead.  Probably shouldn’t even mention it yet as at this point it’s just an idea and we’re looking at later this year before it’d be ready, at best.

Next week I’ll be listing some more Bark River knives.  I’ll also fill in a few holes in the Hess Knife inventory.  This past week was active when it came to fixed blades and I have no doubt it’s due to the rapidly approaching hunting season.

In a couple more weeks I hope to make the annual trek to the northeast corner of the state for some field testing and much needed R&R.  I’m fearful the Trestle Pine Knives ‘Superior’ won’t be ready to make the trip so maybe I’ll have to plan another trip????  Works for me!

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