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It’s been a while since I’ve given away a knife so let’s do it.

I just put up a post regarding the new Queen City 27 1/2 Yankee Muskrat.  This is a stock item for Queen and I couldn’t help but be incredibly impressed with it after looking over the knife and the price.  I was also impressed with the run of Queen City 69 Barlows I had run with the Sheepsfoot blade earlier this summer.

Most folks familiar with Queen Cutlery know there were quality issues a few years ago, but what a lot of folks don’t know is that situation is changing radically.  Ken and Jennie made a commitment to bring back that old time quality and their definitely on target.


So here’s the deal.  I’ve got one of the new Queen City Yankee Muskrats and one of the 69 Sheepsfoot Barlows and I’d like to give both of them away.  If you’re not familiar with Queen, that’s even better.  Drop me an email at greg@tsaknives.com or reply to this post that you’re interested in trying one of the knives out and we’ll see what happens!

Remember, these are built to be used not locked up in a safe or a display case.  They’re a tool made to deliver years of service not sit and collect dust.  Rather then spending hours with a magnifying glass looking for flaws, take the damned thing out and actually USE IT!!!

Yankee Muskrat and Sheepsfoot Barlow
Yankee Muskrat and Sheepsfoot Barlow

Here’s the conditions.  You have to promise you’ll actually use the knife and tell us what you think of it.  Then, once you’ve tried it, pass it on to someone else, preferably a youngster.  So email me at greg@tsaknives.com or simply reply to this post with a comment!  Can’t make it any simpler then that!!!

5 thoughts on “Queen Cutlery Giveaway

  1. Hi Greg, I was just thinking about replacing my muskrat knife of 21 yrs in right front pocket. The one blade has been sharpened to many strokes and has worn back so that the tip now doesn’t go below rim in the closed position and has started to ‘get me’ as I carefully reach into my pocket. If I would get drawn for a ‘new queen muskrat’ I would use it from MN to CO to KS to MO and give it a real test. I might even scribe some timber, ha ha. Then I would pass it on to my younger daughter, and no she did not kill Christine the Beaver and she knows where deer burger comes from!

  2. Your name’s in the hat!!! I got just over a dozen emails last nite from guys and gals interested in trying out one of the Queens. My thought is I’ll give people a chance to read the blog over the weekend and draw a couple of names Sunday nite or Monday AM.

    I left out one criticism of the muskrat totally unintentionally. The edge isn’t where I want it for my own use and I find that to be pretty common on most of the new releases from Queen, GEC, etc. It’s a rare occasion I don’t put a new blade on the Edge Pro before doing any serious cutting.

    Glad your daughter knows the hamburger fairy isn’t real and thank god we still have Christine the Beaver!!!

    1. This giveaway is very generous of you. I already own several of the 69 Barlows (clip and sheepsfoot) and they are just awesome little knives. Someone will be very amazed when trying that knife. A youngster will also get a really good hard use knife.

      I thought about entering for the Muskrat but my “story” is not half as good as the one scc muskrat had so I guess I’ll just have to add a Queen Muskrat to my next order. 🙂

      1. Hello BA, the timber scribe was a funny a few years back as Greg and I were ‘haggling’ over knife trades at a local gun show. I know the ‘story’ seemed a bit over the top but yes my original muskrat is way past due but it is like always in my pocket. And yes both my daughters have GEC knives from TSA.

        Maybe I should add a Queen muskrat to my next purchase too.

        1. I can confirm scc muskrat spends waaay more then his god given alloted time on this earth in pursuit of wild critters including upland, on the water and in the water. If time spent hunting and fishing aren’t charged against our time on earth, scc’s gonna live forever.

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