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Trestle Pine Knives ~ TSA Knives Weekly Review 6/19/15

Another week of summer gone and it’s been an active one!  For the one or two of you  that care, my injuries are healing but my pride is permanently damaged.  I did get a nice note of concern and understanding from a retired cutler, but I have a feeling he was probably chuckling as he typed the email.

Last word I had on the Trestle Pine Knives fixed blade is that it is on schedule to be ready by the end of the month which is fast approaching.  I’m anxious to see the finished product!

I’m waiting on the latest short run releases coming from Queen.

There are also some really short run Equal End Whittlers, Swell Center, Stockman and Wildcat Drillers coming through. In all probabilities, I should see some of these show up by the weekend.

The big surprise for the week was the negative feedback on the latest GEC release of the Ben Hogan and Lady Leg.  I was surprised because neither of these patterns are huge sellers and the amount of feedback was out of proportion.

First, the Ben Hogan criticism was aimed at the lack of an end cap and ho-hum handle options.  I’m a big fan of the Ben Hogans, but I went really light on this release and yesterday cancelled part of  my initial order.

2015 Ben Hogan (L) 2011 Ben Hogan (R)
2015 Ben Hogan (L) 2011 Ben Hogan (R)

The other complaint from several people was that someone at GEC decided to pin her ‘knee’ and remove her ‘shoe’.

2015 Lady Leg (L), 2011 Lady Leg (R)
2015 Lady Leg (L), 2011 Lady Leg (R)

There were some really unkind and actually, rather humorous comments made.  We can all agree that not all bare feet are created equally.  There’s nothing cuter then a babies feet and toes, but a 70 year old marathoner’s feet???  Not so much.

That pin on the ball of the foot was reminiscent of a bunion and the one on the heel makes one think of a big old callous.  While the bow tie shield might make you think of a garter, there’s no doubt that big pivot pin makes me think  of a knee replacement.  Now don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just passing on what I’ve heard (and one or two of my own perceptions).

I have to agree, that original Lady Leg was really classy looking.  The shoe was done exquisitely with the pin highlighting ‘her’ ankle.  Other then trying to bring the price down, why would you make the changes?  We all know you’ve got some years on ya’ Kate, but they sure didn’t have to do that to ya.

An old customer made the comment yesterday that it almost looked like something you’d expect from Rough Rider.  I don’t know if GEC thinks their knives are too expensive so they’re trying to push the price down by making these changes or what there motivation is.   It’s sad to see happen as we have enough commodity knife companies out there already.



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