Carry 4 Defense Class Followup

Thursday nite, my wife and I participated in the Utah CCW class put on by Craig Roe and Dennis Jones, owners of the Carry 4 Defense school.   It was held at the Red River Regional Marksmanship Center in West Fargo.    (Nice facility!)  I believe there are 15, 50′ lanes for pistol, an 8 lane air gun range AND an underground 6 lane rifle range set up for virtually any caliber high power rifle, short of a .50 cal.

Craig Roe did the instruction Thursday while Dennis Jones handled the fingerprinting, photo’s and general paperwork.  All in all, a smooth flowing operation that started on time, covered all of the information and had us out on time.

Having been through numerous CCW classroom training sessions, it easy for the instructor to get bogged down, particularly if they have a specific area of interest they enjoy discussing.  Craig did a great job keeping things moving while handling all of the questions, plus spending some time on proper stance and some outstanding marksmanship tips.  In fact, I’d definitely consider some range time with him as I’ve still got a lot to learn.

I’ve done a fair amount of shooting and even though I’ve sat through similar curriculum presentations before, I had no problem staying awake right up until the 10PM finish!  And I’ll admit to walking out with a bit more knowledge then I came in with.  Time well spent.

If you live in the area and are contemplating obtaining or renewing a Minnesota, North Dakota or Utah permit, check these guys out.  They’ll even travel to your location if you’ve got a few guys interested in getting together for a class.  I’ve posted a link to their website at the top of my blog page or just click on this link :  Carry4Defense

In the interest of total disclosure, I wasn’t compensated for this post nor did we receive or ask for any discounts for the course or future considerations.  Just calling it as I see it, just a couple of nice guys doing a great job!!

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