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Thanksgiving update and off to the Gun Show!!

We had an incredible Thanksgiving!!!!  Hope you all did as well.  The food was fantastic, the weather great (cold but sunny and calm) and just being together with close friends was great!  Here are a couple of highlights….

Remember the ‘chicken’ from last summer?  Well, he’s now residing in their front yard next to the driveway.  The next project is to wire in a sound system that will give the chicken a voice to greet you when you pull in the driveway.


Just as we finished up dinner, the deer moved in to give us a little show.  I couldn’t get to the window quick enough, but they were on the porch eating the pumpkins that were out for decorations.  We also had deer tracks next to the car where they evidently took a look in the windows looking for other edibles.  Kind of a nice Currier & Ives finale to dinner.


And to bring the day to a perfect finish, the younger members of the group did some ice skating on the pond in the backyard.  By the way, John and Charlie… was a refreshing +4F yesterday afternoon when the girls were out ice skating.

Girls Skating

This year was ‘stupid hat’ year.  Last year I ripped the pants I had on and ended up spending the afternoon lounging around in a pair of pink sweatpants (that didn’t belong to me), so I’m a big supporter of the stupid hat idea going forward!

Today, back to reality….

DSCN1950Just 3 more boxes to pack, grab a few other items and off I go to the Moorhead Gun Show!!  If you’re within traveling distance, hope to see ya there!!!

Gun Show at the Moorhead, MN Armory Fri & Sat

Almost forgot!!!!  IF you’re not too stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner,  Friday afternoon or Saturday, November 28 & 29, swing by the National Guard Armory in Moorhead, Minnesota.  There will be a 110 table show that marks the first Moorhead, National Guard Armory show I remember in recent years.  It’s a great venue as there’s plenty of parking and easy access away from the downtown congestion.

Fair warning though, I’m not bringing in a lot of knives.  I’ll have 5 tables set up but I have a whole bunch of gun parts I’m bringing along.  My wife has informed me she really hopes that I move them out!! (first she’s shown any interest in my hobbies in a long time!)

Hope to see a few of ya there!!!

Early Thanksgiving Wishes!!

I’ve got plans (as most of you do to) for Thanksgiving day and wanted to make sure I extended best wishes to everyone a little early.

As usual, we get together with another couple we’ve been close friends with since they were teenagers.  I say ‘they’ were teenagers as there’s about a 16 year difference in age between us.  The better looking half of the couple started working for me in my sporting goods store when she was 16 and continued right through High School.  The main job for her in the summer was sorting leeches and packaging night crawlers.  (My kind of girl!)   Her boyfriend (now husband) was/is an avid trapper/hunter/fisherman so our common interests developed into a close friendship that’s lasted for nearly 30 years.

Today, they own and operate a large farming operation and have three adult daughters we think the world of.  Although we’re just a 100 miles apart, it’s amazing how we’ve allowed our daily routines to make getting together more difficult over the years.  In spite of those  visits becoming less frequent, we’ve always maintained a tradition of getting together for Thanksgiving, so tomorrow we make the trip to their house for dinner.  Tonite, Jan bakes pies, I’ll bake bread and our friends take care of the meat and potatoes!  It’s just a really great time with special friends that all of us look forward to.

As in years past, I have an endless list of things to be thankful for.  Good health, wonderful friends,  a tolerant wife (she tries), great family and a circle of people that literally stretches around  the globe made up of customers/friends who have made my life much richer.  Thanks to all of you and a wish that every one of you (whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not) has a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!!!

What’s been going on?

Finally got around to posting some pictures to the blog this morning that I’ve meant to post for quite a while now.  I apologize to those folks kind enough to share some really neat photo’s but I just haven’t taken the time or had the time to do it.  Been a lot going on between snow, gun shows, home projects and keeping up with business in general.

For about a week now I’ve been working on sorting out a fairly large purchase of gun parts I acquired through an estate auction.  What started out as just wanting to buy a few items from the estate for personal use turned into a buying 6 plastic totes plump full of everything from trigger assemblies, bolt assemblies, bolt dis-assembly tools, barrel wrenches, 1,000’s of screws and bolts, 30 sets of Leupold scope rings, to all kinds of stuff I have no idea what it is.

This came from the estate of a locally well known gunsmith that built custom target rifles based on the Remington 700 action.  As a result, at least it narrows my search a bit trying to recognize some of the oddball springs and screws.  But like all of us, he knew what the parts were and didn’t feel a need to label everything to help ‘me’ along.  So as I sort through this ‘stuff’, it’s really gotten me to think about my own acquisitions.

Over the years we all accumulate ‘stuff’ that’s of great interest and value to us, but as the saying goes, one man’s treasure is another man’s junk.  The problem is we don’t always take the time to label or put some sort of price tag on our treasures.  Here’s a classic example what I’m talking about….

Tension Pin
Tension Pin

Among the parts were 5 of these little pins in a small tin container.  No other information.  LUCKILY, I had a pretty good idea what it was and a little research proved me right.  It’s a tension pin for an AR15.  What I didn’t know is they cost around $38 each.  I had 5 of them.  This is just the tip of the ice berg.

I’ve spent hours trying to research odds and ends just by searching for google pictures.  Without the internet, so much of this stuff would be relegated to the junk pile it’s not even funny.  But when YOU know what you have, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a big deal to identify that part you tossed in a box ….10 years ago.

My wife has already warned me that  “when” (not if) she ends up without me around someday, there’s gonna first be a garage sale of monumental proportions with lots and lots of $1 and “Free” tags on all kinds of ‘treasures’.  Then there’s going to be a couple of dumpsters brought in to haul away the rest of the ……stuff.  That’s why I’m really careful not to leave home by myself for more then a couple of days without informing the neighbors I’ll be coming back.  So I’m going to make an early New Years resolution to keep better track of my treasures and label them accordingly.  I sure don’t envy the poor souls that are going to have to sort things out when I’m gone, but my intent is to try to make it a little easier if I can.

For now, I’m gonna try to sort out the new additions to my ‘estate’ and then…..I’ll work on sorting out the previously acquired gems.   Maybe right after the first of the year.

By the way.  If there are any gunsmiths out there looking for some Indicator Rods and bushings…. for a mere $300 these could be yours!!!

Indicator Rods and Bushings
Indicator Rods and Bushings


Impressive Display of GEC 42 Lockback Traders

Here’s another photo I wanted to share.  VERY impressive collection of GEC 42 Lockbacks.

“Hi Greg,

I told you I’d send a photo of the 421114LBs when I got a display case big enough to hold all 52 of them.  A 2′ X 2′ and not much room to spare.  Any how the photo is attached and most all of the knives came trough you, so thanks again.”  …….no thanks necessary.  Thank you for sharing!!!

GEC 42 Lockback Traders

Case Museum Display Knife

Had a friend forward some pictures from the Case Museum of a display knife I thought you all might enjoy.   It’s a pretty impressive piece. The email accompanying the pix read as follows…..

“.……..Case/Zippo museum and store in Bradford PA. I took pictures of their new Case Trapper display knife. It is 24″ closed. I noticed the bone handles are four pieces on each side and overlapped in the center. Really darn knife job. The image is of blade grinders on the stone wheels and it wasn’t that long ago it was still being done. ….. It went from quarry made stone wheels, man made wheels in floor, mechanical concave and flat grinders machines to cnc and now robotic cnc……”

Case Museum Display Trapper
Case Museum Display Trapper


case6Many thanks for sharing this with us!!!

99 Wall Street finished Now the Farm and Field

I think the final installment of the 99 Wall Street knives arrived today.  There were more of the Smooth Autumn Gold and some Burnt Stag Northfields, both with Wharncliffe and Spear Blades.  So I think we had 3 blade choices with 2 different trademarks and 3 or 4 handle choices each!  Whew!!  That’s a lot of choices.

Have to say the Burnt Stag knives I received were really, really nice.  GEC’s stag can be inconsistent but this is one of their better efforts.  Gnarly but not overly bulky for a knife this size.

99 Wall Street Burnt Stag
99 Wall Street Burnt Stag

The 99 Wall Street has been a popular pattern and I have a feeling we could see more of these in the future.  The size is great for what I’ll call a midsize lockback.  Easy to carry and big enough for 90% of what most of us carry a knife for!

Next run is going to be the Farm Tool series with the Delrin and Micarta handles.  I haven’t been real impressed with the lower end line, so I didn’t order any.  IF you’re interested, I have a feeling there will be quite a few available and would be glad to order one in for you.


Review of the EdgePro Small Knife Attachment

Our friend Dave has been using the EdgePro Apex sharpener for quite some time and is actually responsible for getting me set up as a dealer.  Listening to Dave and finally using one was all it took to convince me it was worth the money.

One of the criticisms about the EdgePro is that it can be difficult to control a small pocket knife when you’re sharpening it.  The table is perfect for larger folders, kitchen and hunting knives, but the 3″ blades can be a little more challenging.  In repsonse, Edge Pro came out with a $25 Small Knife Attachment which Dave was good enough to try out and review for us.

Here goes…….

“What’s It Like?  

When I first heard about the Small Knife Attachment for the Edge Pro I was interested in it for pocket knives.  It appeared to be a good idea, so I wanted to try it.  When I received the Small Knife Attachment from Greg I was impressed with the quality of the three parts that make up the device.  Like all Edge Pro components they are made to last a lifetime.  I expected the device to cost more than it does considering the quality.  The first picture shows the Small Knife Attachment along with the instruction sheet before installation on my Apex.
     As mentioned, the Small Knife Attachment consists of three components plus an instruction sheet.  The instructions are very clear and it was easy to understand how to install the device on my Edge Pro Apex.  When I want to sharpen my knives I don’t like to go through a lot of monkey work getting things set up, so one thing that concerned me was how much time and effort it was going to involve when I wanted to change from the existing blade guide on my Apex to the Small Knife Attachment.  So the first time I tried it I timed myself.  I found that I could remove the existing blade guide from the Apex and install the Small Knife Attachment in 37 seconds of easy and unhurried work including adjusting the guide to the width of my pocket knife and ready to sharpen.  37 seconds I can live with.  This is what the Small Knife Attachment looks like separate from the Apex Sharpener.
Small Knife Attachment
Small Knife Attachment
How Does It Work?
     In a word, GREAT. 
     It really does make sharpening small blades easier than using the regular table.  The technique is still the same but it just goes easier and I can get a better job done on my pocket knives.  It just feels easier to use for a pocket knife size blade and the results are totally satisfactory.  Here’s a photo of one of my knives in position on the miniature table of the Small Knife Attachment.  The device is just a smaller version of the table, blade guide, and adjustment nut.  It does exactly what it is designed to do.  The instruction sheet that comes with the device does mention that it will lower the sharpening angle by about one degree.  I did find this to be true.  This is just something to keep in mind when using the Small Knife Attachment and is easily compensated for with the sharpening angle adjustment on the Edge Pro Apex.
 EdgePro Small Knife Attachment
     The Small Knife Attachment is specifically designed to make it easier to sharpen blades that have a thumb stud attached.  My knife doesn’t have a thumb stud but it does have a pocket clip attached high on the bolster of the knife.  The pocket clip does not allow the blade to lie flat on the little table when the knife is held close to it.  The pocket clip just takes up too much room for it to lie flat.
EdgePro Small Knife Attacment
EdgePro Small Knife Attachment
     This minor problem can be overcome by simply backing up the knife a bit to allow the pocket clip to position outside the edge of the main table of the Apex as you can see in this photo.  There is still plenty of blade resting on the little table to make sharpening this side of the blade the same as the opposite side.  It is really only a minor inconvenience.  Just something to be aware of. 
EdgePro Small Knife Attachment
EdgePro Small Knife Attachment
Final Comments
     I am very happy with the Small Knife Attachment.  I know I will be using it for all my pocket knives and similar size blades and I am glad I got it.  The device works as intended, is high quality in keeping with all Edge Pro components, and it is easy to use with great results.  I did notice that I had to tighten the adjustment nut down firmly to prevent the little table from canting up at the front edge ever so slightly.  Not a complaint, just an observation.  One thing I would appreciate is the addition of a small plastic storage box in which to keep the three components of the Small Knife Attachment when not in use, or conversely the components of the standard blade guide and adjustment nut with small washer when the Small Knife Attachment is being used.  I am going to look for a suitable container for this purpose.
The Pocket Clip Issue.
     I was thinking more about how the pocket clip on my knife is too big to allow the blade to lay flat on the little table of the Small Knife Attachment when it is installed on the main table of the Edge Pro Apex.  Then it hit me!  It was one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.
     So I got out my Apex and installed the Small Knife Attachment………..and moved it forward of the main table far enough to allow me to position my knife right up against the small table with the pocket clip free of contact.  It is such a simple remedy that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it.  The photo will show you what I did.  Even with the small table moved forward of the edge of the main table it is still solid and fully supported for sharpening. 

Small Knife Attachment in the forward position.
Small Knife Attachment in the forward position.
     Problem solved!