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Special Wounded Warrior Project Auction Starts Today!

This marks 5 years that TSA Knives, LLC has been running auctions and selling certain store items to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.   If you’ve bid on items or donated items to be auctioned, give yourself a pat on the back for the ongoing support.

A few weeks back I mentioned a special donation for a Wounded Warrior Project Auction made by Mike W or “mike-in-japan” as he’s known on Ebay.  It was pretty cool that Mike offered to donate the knife that started this whole thing back in 2009.  And to make that donation in honor of his daughter Amanda, who is one of our Wounded Warriors, is incredibly special.  I’m not publishing Mike’s last name due to the security risks to members of the military and their families.  Here’s the email he sent me a couple of weeks ago…

“I ran across that first Wounded Warrior knife you put up and I won back in the day (2009).  How would you like to have it back to raffle off again?  It was a 2009 2nd cut jigged stag 89.  Be my pleasure to donate it if you want to do it.  Already engraved with Wounded Warrior Supporter on the blade……………”
“Greg, ……..  I’d like to do this in honor of my daughter, Amanda, who was an Army MP Sergeant involved in an IED explosion when she was stationed in Baghdad in November 2003.  She still has constant headaches and a 90% VA disability from the Traumatic Brain Injury she suffered. At that time the HMMWVs were not armored and the explosion blew the vehicle upside down.  Both her and the driver were knocked out and when she came to, the vehicle was on fire.  She pulled the still unconscious driver out and then the HMMWV burned up totally.  Anyway, she refused the Purple Heart because she didn’t have a gunshot wound – she was a stubborn one.  At that early time in the conflict, all the brain injury issues from the IED explosions were unknown.
Anyway, I’m honored that you’d put it up again for auction at some point.
Thanks, Mike”
Not much I can add to Mike’s comments other then hope it gives everyone a better sense how important it is we continue to support our Wounded Warriors.  Here’s what’s up for bid.
GEC 892309 Jig Cut Burnt Stag Wounded Warrior Project Knife
GEC 892309 Jig Cut Burnt Stag Wounded Warrior Project Knife
GEC 892309 Jig Burnt Stag Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife
GEC 892309 Jig Burnt Stag Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife

At the time of the original auction in 2009, I had GEC engrave “Wounded Warrior Supporter” on the blade.  You’ll also notice this goes back to the days when GEC was etching the blades with the “PPP” Premier Pattern Production on their first release knives.

That first auction ended on November 1, 2009 and I thought it might be appropriate to celebrate 5 years of doing these auctions by ending this 5th Anniversary auction on November 1, 2014.

In honor of Mike’s daughter Amanda, you’re going to be bidding on the Wounded Warrior Project Auction Knife and a $50 TSA Knives, LLC Gift Certificate to the winning bidder.   The rules are pretty simple:
  • Bidding Starts immediately.  Simply “Leave a Comment” to this post with your bid amount.
  • Bidding ends at 12:00 Noon, Saturday, November 1, 2014, CST
  • In the case of a tie bid, the earliest time stamped bid is the winner
  • 100% of the Proceeds from the Wounded Warrior Project Auction will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project

A couple of reminders.  If you haven’t posted on the blog before, your post won’t show up until it’s been approved which doesn’t happen until I get to it.  I also encourage last minute bidders to NOT wait until the last minute.  Servers can go down, bids can get delayed, etc, etc.

Good Luck!!!

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  2. Finally!!! We’ve got an opening bid. A friend of mine placed a phone bid in the amount of $100.

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